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Stocat Team Meeting Notes

April 2, 2012

DPI Boxes
Jackie and Susan are currently working on the 6th of 11 boxes. 4 or 5 have already been completed and sent to Chelsea. They are mostly original records for skinny monographs. The 040 fields show FUG, but not the holdings in OCLC.

DOD, Nuclear, etc.
The Department of Defense technical manuals are going well now that a system has been set up for collecting and managing the updates. There was clarification that it is OK for looseleaf books tied together with strings through in their holes are OK to put in trays, just not if there are strings on the outside to hold sheets together. The larger manuals may be shrink-wrapped, although many are 8 ½ x 11 inches and can be held in report covers.

Shared Bib
Betsy reported that the Shared Bib project is moving along and a new test merge is due. There is a timeline and it was acknowledged recently that while it is still up in the air, there may be significant down time in June when we will not be able to work in Aleph. We will be looking into workarounds and projects that can be done without Aleph. Jackie pointed out that a lot of cataloging could be completed in OCLC and saved for download to Aleph in July. Cindy asked about the TKR fields which will be in the first HOL rather than the BIB after the merge, and Betsy explained that it will be the first HOL from our institution. Old system numbers will be recorded on the merged bibs and indexed, but the bibs will have new system numbers. Delonda is the Shared Bib liaison for Preservation, Storage and DLC.

Please make sure Jimmie knows about any changes in staff and schedules so she can update the website at: http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/catmet/ALFStoDocsSchedule.html ; Jorge would like more information about the work being done by each staff member, and Hang would like to have a sheet posted at ALF showing who is there and what they are doing. Cathy said she has a list of people doing different StoGen tasks, (which she sent by email to the group after the meeting).

Environmental, supplies, bathrooms and/or equipment notes
Cathy said that she had discussed the bathrooms issues that had been brought up earlier with Delonda and Hang, and they are willing to designate the smaller bathroom facing into the warehouse (beside the water fountain), to be used by women only. Hang will put a sign on the door. Betsy asked if there were questions about the computer work to be done at ALF next week, and there were none. Donna said that the new picnic tables are really nice.

Round Robin

  • Betsy: She has been working on issues concerning statistics and TKR’s.
  • Delonda: She has been working on the JSTOR project, training Paul who is inventorying the JSTOR serials, updating the HOL’s and sending them to Tray.
  • Angie: She has been cataloging DOD and it has been running smoothly.
  • Cindy: She has been cataloging Office of Education documents and running into serials vs. monographs decisions (S&M).
  • Susan: She has been cataloging Division of Plant Industry skinny originals. She will resume working one day per week on StoGen no-OCLC this week.
  • Donna: She has been cataloging DOD and it has been going swimmingly.
    Hank: Patricia has joined him on Fridays to work together on documents serials, and he has been working alone on Saturdays, particularly on old nuclear reports.
  • Patricia: She has been working Fridays with Hank, being trained to catalog documents serials. She will also resume working on no-barcode Dewey books this week.
  • Cathy: She said that traying was resumed after noting that in pulling ALFDOCS there were many more than expected being pulled. There is no news still about signing a contract for the interim facility. There have been charette meetings on the design of a renovated ALF, and it looks like we will need to have space for cataloging work to occur. UF will administer the future high density facility.
  • Hang: He has been participating in the charette also and discussing the processing areas that will be needed for the high density facility. More space will be needed than had been previously expected.
  • Jorge: He has been cataloging Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) documents and also working on no-oclc and cleanup work for Dewey storage materials. He brought several volumes from a multi-volume monographic set to demonstrate that it is advantageous to handle them together rather than each separately. When there is a problem with a volume from a set, the traying staff will attempt to put all volumes available from the set aside for the catalogers to work with, and Jorge set up an area to collect them. He has discussed this with Hang and Hang has discussed it with traying staff.
  • Lila: Se has been working on no-barcode books and it has been going fine. She did some large multivolume sets and series.
  • Beatriz: She has been working on documents withdrawals.
  • Jackie: She has been cataloging DPI originals and doing lots of name and series authority work.
  • Terri: She has been working on no-barcode and a cleanup project that she will continue trying to finish.

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