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Stodocs Project

Stodocs Team Meeting Notes

April 18, 2011

Present: Hank, Cathy, Chelsea, Jan, Carol, Mary, Betsy, Jorge, Melissa, Cindy, Susan, Terri, Jackie, Donna


Reshelving cataloged items
Safety and efficiency concerns were expressed about the new temporary procedure to reshelve cataloging items on high shelves.  Cathy said that the top two shelves do not have to be used.  Hank and Jorge volunteered to do the reshelving.

Revised LKR system
The new LKR procedure has been fully implemented.  Jackie Brown will send Betsy an example of an OPAC display issue for reporting to FCLA.  The link to display the analytic list from the primary title is not working.  In addition to asking to fix the problem, we'll also ask if the analytics can be put in series order.

Lunch/training room

The loading dock is being converted into a lunch/break room and conference/training room.  A meeting schedule will be posted outside the room so everyone will know when the room is unavailable.  Also, Cathy and Hang are working on cleaning up the covered concrete patio on the west side of the building so it can be used.  They are hoping to place a picnic table on the patio.

Catalog copy

Jorge pointed out that member copy varies widely in quality and often the cataloging takes as much time as an original. Jackie said that good member copy should be set aside for students so staff can concentrate on more difficult copy cataloging and originals.  Although the Stodocs guidelines say to do K-level originals, if the cataloging complies with I-level, then enter it with that encoding level.

Dept of Agriculture series

Per Jan, Stodocs staff should contact Documents for advice on whether or not a series should be analyzed.  Documents will review the series at ALF if necessary. 

Round Robin

  • Cathy: hired three new OPS through June 30 to work on print serial inventory project.
  • Jackie: working on Atomic Energy Commission documents; also assigning subject headings for wide variety of pubs.
  • Melissa: working on NASA Contractor Reports.
  • Donna: working on Bureau of Mines material.
  • Mary: nearing completion of serial set.
  • Carol: nearing completion of serial set.
  • Terri: working on withdrawals, including stinky microfiche, and non-StoDocs items at ALF.
  • Cindy: working on NASA Technical Notes.
  • Susan: working on Atomic Energy Commission-related lab reports (e.g., Pratt Whitney)
  • Hank: finished working on Dept of Agriculture serials; cataloging Atomic Energy Commission lab serials.
  • Chelsea: preparing skinny items for IA scanning; students hired to assist; reminded Stodocs team to set aside skinny items when encountered.
  • Jorge: working on Atomic Energy Commission documents; assigning subject headings.
  • Jan: implementing pilot to inventory Congressional Hearings.
  • Betsy: working with IT to resolve issues with cataloger id item counts.

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