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Stodocs Project

Stodocs Team Meeting Notes

April 19, 2010

Present: Carol, Mary, Jan, Cathy, Chelsea, Todd, Hank, Cindy, Jackie B., Fern, Betsy, Nancy, and Jimmie

Absent: Terri

Aleph statistics macro usages 

              Previous use of mono trigger for serials yielded incorrect Aleph stats tables. The macro runs very slowly, especially at ALF partly due to offcampus network situation. Cathy is working towards local based solution for ALF and will expand GROVER to try to improve this situation as well.

Equipment changes

              Computers: ALV computer that was used by STODOCS has been moved and we may need to send another one from C&M. Betsy will check if there is one that could go. 

              Scanners: Cathy said barcoding problems are still gumming up the traying process (7-8/day). Items being trayed now are not the most recently ones, and it seems like the scanners are working better since they were recalibrated. Reports could be developed and used to monitor rate of problems over different item creation dates. 

LKR macro criteria for application: Todd worked with MJ to develop macro.      Bound with situations most helpful use of LKR. A workshop will be developed to show staff how to use macro for LKR. 



              Short term: no change; Kay out for finals right now. 

              Next fiscal year: budget not yet determined. Jan said this would appear under OPS Special Project category in budget. Announcements will be made when information becomes available. Nancy said it is not quite as cold at ALF now that Hang adjusted thermostat. 

Duplicates: Cathy hired Dalonda to dedupe ALF, so coordination is needed. 

What to do when storage duplicates are identified? Originally we decided to ignore other ALF copies. Nancy found some bound copies of otherwise messy unbound materials and used them to save much time in items barcoding and entering as well as having best copy for retention. Nancy said finding dupes elsewhere in ALF doesn’t actually happen often. New practice will be to retrieve other copies in ALF when they are discovered in Aleph and keep best copy for traying. SuDoc nos. used in Aleph rather than Dewey or LC nos. that were used in other location(s). Dalonda will need to know how to identify Docs and what to do with them. Jan will give her a description of them, and she can put them on a shelf for review by STODOCS.

Single page/skinny stuff – options for storage, etc. 

              Update on scanning option? Chelsea said the sample has been sent to IA. They are a little behind there, but Cathy is checking and will let us know of progress.

              Folders for items with holes: There are items that were distributed with holes for placement in binders. Cathy is obtaining binders for them to go into. This will allow reduction in number of items and barcodes needed and better situation for managing physical items without damage. 

Round Robin (Current activities, changes, problems.)

Nancy is working with Dept. of Commerce serials and they can be fun.

Cathy mentioned the barcode problems and other errors revealed in traying. “Speed kills.”

Hank said he is working 1 day per week on requested analytics for monographs previously amalgamated into a serial record and the other day on serials, mainly those problem serials referred from everyone else.

Todd is eager to show everyone the LKR macro in the upcoming workshop.

Jackie is doing originals: mainly AEC and problems referred from everyone else.

Jan said she loves these meetings and is in awe of the work being done. She wants to get Proquest.

Chelsea said she is waiting for Internet Archives to complete the sample.

Mary and Carol both said they have been solving email problems.

Cindy said she is working in the IC area and has been cataloging items about train wrecks.

Betsy talked about a webpage where one can get the information she has been sending us in emails on the circulation of items cataloged in STODOCS and wanted to know if we still want emails and the group expressed wanting both the email and to know how to get the information themselves. Jan asked what we will do when Jason leaves and Betsy mentioned that Amy and someone else are being trained in Aleph and SQL so they can help us when he is gone.  


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