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Stocat Team Meeting Notes

May 6, 2013

Document work updates
Cindy is continuing to catalog Health, Education and Welfare documents. Jackie and Susan finished the few straggling Atomic Energy Commission books and the JPRS books, and Hank is working on the serials. Mary Gay has been away since her mother is sick and we don’t know when she might return. Jackie wanted to know if it will be OK to go ahead and tray fugitive books which have been piling up from dedupe reclass, and Jan said yes. These can remain classed in Dewey, but the location should be changed to UFSTO DOCS and a TKR Fugitive added to the HOL. Jackie also wanted to know what she should do with serials set books as the shelf is filling up and they could go thru if have number. Jan plans to talk with her about what can be done with these.

Congressional Hearings update
The student working on the inventory will be out for the summer so work will stop. Mary and Carol continue to work on the inventory so items can be sent to Internet Archives for digitization.

Documents staffing
The cataloging staffing level for Stodocs has been decreased to permit staff to be reassigned to address the rapid influx of Dewey problems now occurring.

Round Robin for Documents

  • Chelsea: She is sending about 300 Committee Prints and some other Center of Excellence titles per month to be scanned by Internet Archives.
  • Susan: Having finished the last of the JPRS and AEC books, she is shopping in the ALF stacks for another series with poor copy availability to tackle.
  • Jan: She will be meeting with Betsy to talk about beginning to report statistics or cataloging done in Documents similar to the way StoDocs cataloging statistics are reported. Jorge mentioned that maps cataloged over in the Map & Imagery Library already use a statistics reporting macro in Aleph, and many of these are documents.
  • Hank: He has been cataloging JPRS serials and other miscellaneous serials put on his cart by the other catalogers.
  • Beatriz: She does document withdrawals.
  • Cindy: She has begun to see the “light at the end of the tunnel” for the Health, Education and Welfare documents. She has also been working on bound together books and consulted with USF recently on the LKR process which they want to use on bound together books.
  • Mary and Carol: They have been working on Congressional Hearings and Committee Prints.

Dewey Monograph work concentrations and cataloger problems
There are more than catalogers can keep up with currently. The recent Aleph items problem hit hard at ALF. Hang has a huge error report associated with it. It is helpful to take problems roughly in call number order whenever possible. Terri asked what should be done with duplicate records in Aleph involving other universities’ library holdings. We are unable to change holdings of other universities, but there is a duplicates reporting system for requesting that they change them, and Betsy will send Terri information about how to use it.

Withdrawals shelf errors
Terri said these are not withdrawals. The basis of the problem is the fact that many item records with barcode numbers were created for NOTIS that were never placed on the books. Hang said the item creation date for these was March 22, 1987.

Tray staff problem referrals
In general, problem books should go on no-barcodes shelf, not directly to catalogers. An important exception is that Clinton or Cindy may bring problems reported from AIMS directly to catalogers as they must be corrected right away. Tray screening should (1) confirm the item is a monograph, (2) confirm there is an OCLC number, and (3) check holdings for barcode match. Hang has spoken with the newly-hired tray staff about what they should be checking and where they should put problems.

Dewey cataloger staffing
RDA training and other activities pulling staff back to campus have detracted from progress recently, but this is unavoidable. Donna has begun working on no-barcodes problems Mondays and Thursdays. She and Audrey will both work this summer but will switch schedules.

Serials cataloging in storage update
Naomi and Hank have been going to ILF to train and consult with newly hired Tempforce staff who have begun inventorying U Miami serials. One case has been identified where an original cataloging record will be needed, and Naomi plans to complete it, using the collection code UFSTO ILF. Naomi may change her ILF schedule soon to one day per week. There is a planning group (including Naomi), working to develop details of processes to be used after FLVC creates the FLARE institution in Aleph. Hank has finished the Journalism project he had been asked to do, and now will work on the truck of Journalism serials with item records he identified as being needed (this will take a few weeks at the current rate).

Interim News
Hang said that Tabby has hired new staff (2 starting this morning). There will be 12 catalogers and one more tray team hired for ILF. IT has ordered computers for ILF. Hang needs to buy tall shelving. There is a lot of activity now. Delonda is pushing to meet a deadline of completing the Dedupe Project by the end of June.

Environmental, supplies, and/or equipment notes
Hank said the suggestion to use a guest key for Tempforce staff to use going out for breaks was nixed by Jeff Lazja of Facilities. The slip of paper in the door lock will not be allowed anymore either. Smokers must go out to the sidewalk away from the building to smoke now due to UF rules. ALF catalogers need more yellow sticky notes and barcodes.

Round Robin for Dewey & ILF work
Time ran out, so this part of the meeting was cancelled.

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