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Division of Scholarly Resources and Research Services
Cataloging and Metadata Department

Stocat Team Meeting Notes

May 7, 2012

DPI Updates
The cataloging is almost complete for the Florida Division of Plant Industry documents. Jackie and Susan are working on box 9 which is the last of the monographs and Hank is completing boxes 10 and 11 which are the last of the serials. Soon they will all be passed along to Chelsea for processing in preparation for digitization. Chelsea said some have been duplicates to items already digitized for UF, but Jackie said most of the rest have been unique and required original cataloging.

DOD, Nuclear, etc.
The Department of Defense documents which Donna and Angie have been cataloging are now mostly done, except for changes and the oversized ones. The Nuclear documents have progressed more slowly since Susan has been working on DPI and Jorge has been out sick, but Athy has continued working on them so there are not so many left now.

Shared Bib
There is news from FCLA that tentatively the Aleph down time may only be from Friday June 22 through Thursday June 28. There should be more information on this during the weekly Shared Bib meeting this afternoon.

Aleph Down Time Tasks
Since we planned for a longer down time, we will sort through priority tasks for the week. Angie and Donna were going to help inventory the hearings, and Jan would like to still have their help.

Statistics reporting for volumes in Aleph
Docs volume statistics reflect work output and project progress but are not reported to ARL since they are not new additions to the library collections. Items reporting for the project is performed by IT and does not utilize the Aleph statistics methodology.

Changes in staff and schedules

Workflow updates for Dewey books
There was a buildup of problems from the de-duplication project and this is now being addressed by having Melissa help Patsy with these. There seems to be a slowdown in no-barcode problems and Patricia has cut the days she works on these until they pick back up.

Environmental, supplies, and/or equipment notes
The computer closest to the printer is not working and has been reported.

Round Robin

  • Donna: She has been working on DOD and some upgrades of looseleaf documents.
  • Angie: She has also been working on DOD and some upgrades.
  • Delonda: She has been working on JSTOR and de-duplication.
  • Fern: She has been working on the zero-OCLC shelf, and especially on some large volume sets.
  • Melissa: She has been working on AFCRL and no-OCLC. Since last Thursday she is also helping Patsy with de-duplication problems.
  • Patricia: She catalogs serial documents with Hank on Fridays, especially nuclear agency publications.
  • Hank: He has been working with Patricia on documents serials and has been working with Donna on DOD looseleaf publications.
  • Susan: She has been cataloging DPI and doing no-OCLC monograph originals. Currently these have been fiction from the 19th and early 20th centuries.
  • Betsy: She is working with Lois, Cathy, and FCLA to assist University of Miami as they prepare material to send to the shared storage facility.
  • Jan: She has resumed effort on the inventory of hearings which had been suspended when Paul left. Students are now up to 1965 on the list, but there is a need for someone to follow up on the not-on-shelf items.
  • Patsy: She has been working on de-duplication problems.
  • Chelsea: She has been involved with the University of Miami’s British Parliamentary documents for which they prepared a spreadsheet, and with Puerto Rican government publications (a 38 page list) by checking them against our holdings to identify unique titles for digitization. She has been processing DPI for scanning, as well as Panama Canal and skinny documents. She gave a poster on the Panama Canal and the 2014 celebration at the Florida Library Association and a presentation at the Alabama Library Association on ASERL COE’s and the disposition database.
  • Jorge: He is just back from being out with bronchitis. He had a tip for searchers to consider if a book without a date might have a date estimated by a cataloger in its OCLC record.
  • Beatriz: She has been doing documents withdrawals. It has been helpful for Aleph records to be included with the items to be withdrawn.
  • Terry: She has been working on no-barcode shelf books and on problems. She also has been working on OCLC reclamation cleanup work.
  • Mary and Carol: They have continued barcoding agriculture materials and solving problems.
  • Athy: She has been cataloging nuclear agency books. She also graduated with a Master’s in Library and Information Science at USF this weekend. Congratulations!
  • Jackie: She has been cataloging DPI and helping others. She has a new pair of running shoes made in America (New Balance on sale at Penny’s).

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