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Cataloging and Metadata
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Cataloging and Metadata Department


Stodocs Project

Stodocs Team Meeting Notes

May 16, 2011

Present: Hank, Cathy, Jan, Carol, Mary, Betsy, Melissa, Cindy, Terri, Angie, Donna, Beatriz


Agriculture documents analytics
Three Department of Agriculture series have been targeted for analysis to date: Statistical bulletin, Technical Bulletin, and Miscellaneous Publication.  It is possible that more may be added, depending on the outcome of an upcoming meeting with Dean Russell to discuss a collaborative project of the Association of Southeast Research Libraries (ASERL).

The group discussed how to view each month's statistics spreadsheet in the Outlook Public Folder under CatMet-Stats.  Catalogers should notify Betsy if there are any access issues.

Temp location change

If a change needs to be made to a holding that requires unchecking the temp location for UFSTO TRAY, the cataloger should not recheck the temp location when done.  Instead return the item to Hang.


Cathy requested a new workflow be implemented.  Catalogers should place items to tray on a purple truck, rather than reshelving. 

Environment and Equipment

Catalogers report that every now and then their computers are turned off when they arrive in the morning.  Betsy will contact IT to inquire.

Student assistants

The group agreed that it is not necessary to hire additional students for the summer.  Tahj and Krissy are expected to return in the fall.


Per Jan, Chelsea has coordinated the digitization of 2,400 skinny items that were sent to DLC and digitized by her students.  

Round Robin

  • Beatriz: working on NASA Contractor Reports.
  • Melissa: working on NASA Contractor Reports.
  • Donna: working on Bureau of Mines material.
  • Angie: working on NASA Technical Notes.
  • Mary: nearing completion of serial set.
  • Carol: nearing completion of serial set.
  • Terri: working on withdrawals.
  • Cindy: working on NASA Technical Notes.
  • Hank: working on Nuclear Agency progress reports.
  • Jan: Congressional Hearings inventory project will finish pre-1976 items soon ahead of schedule.
  • Cathy: catalogers are encouraged to use the cafe tables for meetings and breaks; efforts continue to improve the outside covered area so that it can be used for breaks; a bin with skinny items is available for Chelsea's review.
  • Betsy: working with Documents and Cathy on the ALF docs project.

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