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Stodocs Project

Stodocs Team Meeting Notes

May 17, 2010

Present: Hank, Cindy, Carol, Mary, Chelsea, Cathy, Jody, Jackie, Fern, Terri, Nancy, Jan, Betsy, and Jimmie.


Equipment and Supplies Updates:

              An additional computer was moved from C&M to ALF for StoDocs usage to replace the one now used by Dalonda. The chair that Fern used to use has been taken for Dalonda’s use and Fern will look for another chair that fits her well out at ALF. After Fern and other StoDocs Catalogers check around at ALF, if they find there is a need for another chair, they will tell Betsy who will request that facilities provide one.

              One of the scanners was not working properly recently. Hank sent a Grover and systems came out to work on it and now it works well.

              Cathy reported that the loose-leaf binders are still to be expected, but have not yet been acquired. Nancy mentioned there are some stacks of documents waiting to be cataloged when they can be put in the binders.


Staffing update

              Kay will be working this summer as part-time work-study.

Susan Duser will be working mornings as half-time OPS for June.  

Cathy said the money allocated by the legislature for start-up on the High Density Storage Facility will go to the University rather than the library and is not necessarily going to benefit the library’s preparation efforts at ALF much.

Budget details for the coming fiscal year are not yet available.


Problems with class numbers on HOL’s

Betsy discovered that some StoDocs HOL’s are not in SuDoc Classification, and some are, but are wrongly coded. She will send the report so corrections can be made. There had been a practice to put a note about a different call number on the piece on the item record, but that is not continuing.  


Remote versions of StoDocs titles and what to do about them.

There was a lively discussion concerning the merits of providing links to remote version on print records versus separate remote version records, the variability of available records for the remote versions, the instability of URL’s, and the importance of focusing on the primary task of preparing the storage documents for housing in the High Density Facility on schedule. Sometimes remote version records are found while searching OCLC or Aleph for print version. It is recognized that sometimes the print version record to be used already includes a link to the remote version, and sometimes while identifying a record to use for the print version one stumbles upon a remote version record and can quickly and efficiently add it to the print version record. In these cases while an 856 field may be added including the 2nd indicator 1 for version of resource, a separate HOL for the remote version should not be created at this time.

Sometimes sets of records become available or possibly could be assembled using automated methodologies for remotely-accessed documents. These options should be pursued in due time, but separately from the StoDocs project due to time constraints on that project.   


Upcoming events:

There will be a CONSER Update this afternoon at 2:30. Naomi said, “At this meeting, we will discuss what happened at the CONSER Operations Meeting in Washington, DC, and the forthcoming serials holdings training.” Those serials-active members of StoDocs have been invited.

Todd Chisholm is continuing to work on preparing the LKR workshop.


Round Robin:

Betsy gave a brief overview of the Single Bib Pilot project. Statistics are up to date.

Terri said she has two projects: Science weeding and StoDocs duplicates withdrawals.

Jackie continues to work on the monographs. She will begin to help with some of the Industrial Reports.

Cathy said the skinny guys sample sent to IA has seen some progress, and we should get the prices soon.

Cindy is working on Securities Exchange documents.

Hank said he is almost done with the things he had been working on.


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