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Stocat Team Meeting Notes

June 3, 2013

Document work updates
Jackie reported that she has done less original StoDocs cataloging recently because of the large numbers of Dewey referrals. She and Jody worked Saturday and completed a whole truckload, but about 4 shelves per day are being referred from the DeDup project, the tray staff, and the no-barcode and no-oclc catalogers. All of the documents in Dewey require SuDoc numbers, and one good source she uses for titles not in the Monthly catalog is the Vanderbilt Law Library catalog. The complexity of the work argues against hiring a student assistant to help, so Betsy will explore the possibility of having Donna help.

Congressional Hearings update
Mary and Carol continue to work on the barcoding. The inventory is on hold until the student assistant who works on that returns in August.

Moving Documents to ILF (over 3,000 linear ft.)
Chelsea said that E.U. documents, Congressional Hearings, and the Serials Set have been identified to move to ILF. All are cataloged and will be barcoded first. The date of the move is not yet known.

Documents staffing
Cindy, Jackie, Hank and Susan are the only ones cataloging StoDocs. Beatriz does withdrawals.

Round Robin for Documents

  • Jan and Mary were absent.
  • Chelsea: She said a report has been run which said there are 255,392 items in Documents in MSL. Documents staff have begun to use a stats macro in Aleph to keep activity statistics, and Betsy will work with them on how best to do this. The money for scanning COE’s, etc. is officially all spent, ($200,000 and $35,000), so that is stopped for now. She expects to be able to return the DPI materials that were digitized this summer.
  • Jody: She has been working several times at ALF, including last Saturday. She has been clearing the non-federal documents and is nearly finished. She was held up by not knowing what Aleph location to use, but UFSTO GEN should be fine to use.
  • Jackie: She had been doing lots of reclassification into SuDoc of Dewey books. Most are shared records. She emptied some of the bins of skinnies and fugitives. The fugitive documents sent on for traying should get a TKR Fugitive in the HOL as mentioned at our May 6 meeting, and at least an agency letter in the call number field.
  • Hank: He has been catching up on problems and cataloging JPRS serials. He works on documents Monday and Friday, 6 hours/day.
  • Cindy: She has been cataloging Health, Education and Welfare and pamphlets.
  • Carol: She has been barcoding congressional hearings and prints.
  • Naomi: She will be doing a poster, bookmark and guide along with Jan and Hank June 7 at the NASIG Meeting in Buffalo on StoDocs. The Guide is at http://guides.uflib.ufl.edu/StoDocsProject.
  • Beatriz: She has been doing withdrawals.
  • Susan: She has been cataloging documents one day per week and has begun work on the US Coast & Geodetic Survey.

Dewey Monograph work concentrations and cataloger problems
There are too many to keep up with, even with increased staffing. The many book trucks parked in the cataloging area have become too congested and create a safety hazard. There is a ton of work, and the cataloging staff are doing a great job.

New FAQ for Problems
Please send any questions or comments to Jimmie about the FAQ On Problem Books at ALF which had been sent by email and which will be added to Aleph@UF along with a guide to call numbers used at UF.

The DeDupe project is still scheduled for completion in June, although there is still a large number of them to be done.

Dewey cataloger staffing
The higher level of staffing will need to continue since the rate of problem referral is expected to continue to be very high through the summer. There was a question about who should address problems requiring items to be retrieved from Tray, and after discussion it was clear that these should be completed by Terri. These must be completed quickly and in specific ways that could be compromised if the work is spread among many staff.

Serials cataloging in storage update
The ILF serials work is moving along. Either Naomi or Hank are at ILF at least part of each day to support the work of the staff there. Naomi said that one of these may be trained for the ISSN register searching. There are lots of errors and funny merges, so overlaying records is done when possible. One Miami title required an original record in OCLC. The MSL serials previously sent are mostly done now, but others will come. Miami serials are being worked on now. Someone asked if there would be a permanent cataloger working for FLARE in the future, and Naomi agreed that would be a good idea and one that has been suggested.

Interim News
There were no ILF staff at the meeting. Ben had phoned to say he would like to be there but had a conflict. He wants everyone to know he is interested in feedback and in knowing how he can help. FLVC is working on the Aleph library for FLARE.

Environmental, supplies, and/or equipment notes
More barcodes have been sent to ALF. The paper had run short and Hang will work with Laydene to obtain more. It was asked if the printer could be made to print double-sided as default. Since most printing there is of a single page there was not a lot of interest in this option, and it was noted that the person printing can choose the double-sided option for each job. Josh fixed a scanner at ALF. Jackie has been having trouble with OCLC kicking her out.

Round Robin for Dewey & ILF work

  • Fern was absent with a sprained ankle and Melissa was on vacation.
  • Naomi: See above.
  • Susan: She has been doing no-OCLC problem books one day/week.
  • Terri: She has been working on the no-barcodes and on the cart and truck full of problems and duplicates.
  • Randy: He has done no-OCLC books for the past 2 Wednesdays, and will mix this with the Rare Book transfer/reclass work.
  • Jackie: She works on documents referrals and problems. '
  • Jorge: He does no-OCLC books 2 days/week. He asked if books that seem like candidates for Rare should be put on shelves for review by John Ingram, and they should. There is a posted criteria for referring Rare materials, but staff should keep alert to other possibly Rare items that do not fit that description as well.
  • Patricia: She has been working with no-barcodes books.
  • Hank: He has begun working with no-barcodes. The Journalism serials project he was working on is almost completed.
  • Beatriz: She does Dewey no-barcode books Mondays and Wednesdays after finishing the Document withdrawals.

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