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Cataloging and Metadata
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Division of Scholarly Resources and Research Services
Cataloging and Metadata Department

Stocat Team Meeting Notes

June 4, 2012

DPI Update
The cataloging part of our collaboration with the Division of Plant Industry is complete except for a small monographic set on insects in national defense that Jackie will finish soon, including addition of a detailed contents note that will give access for the specific insects treated in the different parts. Chelsea will be including the DPI materials in the next batch going to IA for scanning.

What’s left?
Donna and Angie measured the linear feet of StoDocs documents remaining at ALF: 808. They also took a sample of the first 1 foot of every 20th shelf. Based on those numbers, an informed estimate of the number of documents titles remaining to be cataloged is somewhere between 55,000-109,000 titles. Betsy used these numbers to support an OPS request last week. Hang requested that ranges 201/202 and 203/203 be freed up for other usage and he will work with Donna and Angie to plan that shift.

Shared Bib
At 6 pm June 22 the Aleph catalog will be frozen to edits, and there will be read-only access until about 9 AM on June 28 when the new Shared Bib Aleph will become available. Cathy mentioned that eventually FLARE will require for FCLA to set up a separate ADM in Aleph, although currently it is in the UF ADM.

Aleph Down Time Tasks
During the down time StoDocs staff will shift and organize remaining documents and compile the DOD changes. Webinars and other training activities as well as vacation time can occur during the down time. June 27 will be the annual cleanup day this year for cataloging & acquisitions staff.

Congressional Hearings

The student working to inventory these in MSL graduated and another student has been hired. After completion of other documents, these will be cataloged. Previously it was hoped an electronic automated process could be developed, but in order to be comprehensive and efficient currently we expect to work from the print copies and exporting records from OCLC.

ALF Documents cataloging and duplicates
ALF Documents (which are cataloged in Dewey), will be processed as documents after completion of the StoDocs materials which are not yet cataloged. The documents that surface as part of the Deduplication Project will be treated separately in keeping with a process that Delonda and Jackie have developed.

Current staff and schedules


Environmental, supplies, and/or equipment notes

All systems now functioning.

Round Robin

  • Betsy: Submitted a request for OPS funding for StoDocs last week and hopes to know soon what will be available.
  • Hank: Cataloging Nuclear publication and working with Patricia on Fridays but out most Fridays lately.
  • Hang: Maintaining operations; retrieval requests; Interim Storage focus on insulating and air conditioning with August turnover and shelving plan in developments. Concerned about requests that will come in during Aleph down time with 3 types: internal, ILL, and Uborrow. Patron empowerment will be off, but some requests can come in and Betsy will check on what should be expected.
  • Terri: working on no-barcode problems with 2 full trucks of them in front of the full shelves; also working on project for Jane Anne.
    Cindy: working on Department of Health, Education and Welfare publications; last week handled interesting pictures of school classrooms and libraries from the ‘50’s.
  • Melissa: Cataloging AFC, RL: and working with Patsy on deduplication problem titles.
  • Jorge: cataloging nobarcode problems mostly.
  • Susan: finished helping with DPI, cataloging nuclear now and working on no barcode problems recently with less on zero-oclc shelves.
  • Jackie: finished DPI; working on AEC and DOD originals, working with Mary Gay’s help to review Angie’s originals; setting up lots of series.
  • Patricia: working on nobarcode problems 2 days and stodocs serials one day per week.
  • Chelsea: sending the 17th batch of pamphlets for scanning; now switching to send agriculture as COE which includes DPI.
  • Cathy: hoping for more funds for Internet Archive scanning; working to prepare for Interim Storage, estimating work to be involved in ingest of about 300,000 items from U Miami (TempForce workers).
  • Fern: working on nobarcode problems; did large series of classed together titles that were bound together and Cindy helped refresh her LKR skills.
  • Athy: cataloging atomic energy publications.
    Delonda: doing regular deduplication work; they have now finished GenD and are working on AUX. Paul of the JSTOR project is leaving mid-June but worked out procedures which will help with planning the work.
  • Donna: cataloging atomic energy; started some General Services but found no copy so did some originals.



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