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Stodocs Project

Stodocs Team Meeting Notes

June 20, 2011

Present: Jimmie, Terri, Beatriz, Hank, Chelsea, Jan, Cindy, Melissa, Carol, Mary, Cathy, Betsy


Agriculture documents and ASERL plans

Plans are still pending, but there is not an overall approach to this yet. Chelsea is collaborating with Melody and Val. Some areas for focus may become the Foreign Ag. Service and tropical agriculture serials. Staff who have begun working on USDA series include Donna who is working with Miscellaneous Pubs. And Cindy who is working on Statistical Bulletins. There were bound together volumes in the Statistical Bulletins that did not have a monograph record from which to hang the LKR’s so Cindy has found that it is messy but basically functional to use a serial.

Changes in schedules

Jackie now works Tues., Wed. and Thurs. at ALF. Jorge goes Tues. and alternate Thurs. Susan Duser expects to be back at work next week. Tahj is continuing to work this summer, and both he and Krissy plan to work at ALF this fall. Cindy is resuming her previous schedule this week (Tues., Thurs., & Fri.). Jorge will not return from ALA in time to work at ALF Tues., June 28.

Environmental and/or equipment notes

Dual monitors available: To request a dual monitor please send Jimmie and email and provide your ALF WSID number.

New computers, etc. soon but still no distribution schedule available. New computers will include the new versions of Connexion and Windows. RDA implementation by the national libraries was announced to be not before Jan. 2013. Last week those still using Outlook 2003 had difficulties with email.

Round Robin

  • Jackie (report sent via e-mail): “I am continuing to work on the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission publications. There are still plenty of items to be catalogued in this set (Y 3.At 7:22/) We have completed most of the large runs from individual laboratories and now are doing a hodgepodge of labs. I continue to enhance records for this set and hand them off to Tahj for completion in Aleph. There is a truck for the NASA, Bureau of Mines and now the Agriculture that need subjects or originals that I try to keep up with and hand back to the cataloger for completion since they are all bound togethers. As you know, there is a problem with the serial bound togethers  that you are working to fix.   Tahj completed the addition of 086’s to the bib records. He did run across one (#51) in the list that didn’t have a sudoc number on holding. He fixed that but there also was no item so it will probably be returned to us at some point.

We have been running across duplicates that are in STO AUX and I had Tahj pull them for us. He was unable to find one that supposedly has 17 copies (17 holdings) without any barcodes.  Delonda and I discussed this a little and because what we pull appears on a spread sheet she is working  from, we thought it would be helpful to notify her of the system no. or barcode or hldg. No. so she can note it on her sheet.  Perhaps this should be discussed with Kathy and Delonda.  It has been good to be able to collaborate with George on Tuesdays. Two heads are better than one sometimes!  I think that is all my news. Sorry to miss the meeting but I’m sure the other members can fill you in on all the other good work being done at ALF.

  • Terri: She has only a few StoDocs withdrawals left to do. She has also been working on microfilm.
  • Beatriz: She is working on NASA Contractor Reports.
  • Hank: He made decisions for monograph treatment for some agricultural materials for Donna. He met the NAL serials cataloger at NASIG. He is working in the nuclear area now.
  • Chelsea: She hired an OPS person full time with end-of-year money who prepared about 3,000 items for scanning. A maps person also worked on this. Those with more than 4 pages go to Internet Archive and smaller ones go to DLC. There is a bottleneck there currently.
  • Jan: She has been running 3 end-of-year projects. Inventory of Congressional Hearings has been progressing. Last week some work was lost due to a laptop problem, but most had been backed up, fortunately.
  • Betsy: She is trying to get confirmation about the allocation for next year in the hope that we can hire an additional cataloger on OPS for approximately 20 hours/week.  
  • Cindy: She is now working on USDA Statistical Bulletins. These bound together volumes include many serials, some with only serials.
  • Melissa: She is working on NASA Contractor Reports and is almost done!
  • Carol and Mary: They are concentrating on agriculture now.
  • Cathy: Is having a quiet month for ALF. She mentioned that completed StoDocs items are not being placed on trucks rather than shelves prior to traying. There is a plan for the skinnies that will soon be solidified.

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