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Stodocs Project

Stodocs Team Meeting Notes

June 21, 2010

Present: Carol, Cindi, Jackie, Todd, Chelsea, Jodi, Jan, Fern, Hank, Nancy, Betsy, and Jimmie. (Cathy had gone to ALA and Terri had jury duty)


The meeting began with generous treats for all and special goody bags for ALF staff courtesy of Jan, Betsy and Chelsea. Thank you!


Chelsea announced that as of last week we have access to the online Monthly Catalog. This is great news for everyone.


Chelsea also gave an update on Internet Archives. We have received an estimate for the pamphlets at 20 cents per page, and will have Lyrasis discount on top of that. She has pulled a sample of pamphlets to examine the metadata to be derived from the catalog records. One of the titles in the sample lacked an 086 on the Bib. Hank mentioned that federal documents must have first indicator zero, but there are California documents with 086 numbers not having the first indicator zero. Monograph records are required for the analyzable pamphlets that are digitized. Series titles in the records appear in 4xx and 8xx fields, but the metadata should draw first any 830 fields, but lacking an 830 should draw 440 or 490 fields. Around mid-August Chelsea and Cathy will begin a workflow for the digitization of selected pre-1976 documents pamphlets.


The Aleph statistics macro was modified to discontinue 599’s, and temporarily the TKR field was removed also. Hank reported this problem and it should be repaired soon.


Betsy reported that Sonia had placed an order and we should receive 50,000 single sided barcodes next week so the problem is solved for now. They will arrive in Facilities and can go from there to ALF and to Documents where they are also needed.


Todd asked if everyone saw his message about LKR examples and said he will send handouts for the LKR training session June 22, 10:30 AM.


Regarding staffing, Susan will work mornings just for June and Kay will continue part-time. Betsy reported that she confirmed from Rachel that we expect the same budget for the StoDocs project as last year, which means we will be able to continue Nancy and Kay at the same level but will probably not be able to continue Susan in July. When the budget is sorted out later it may turn out that we could resume Susan’s work, but we don’t know that.  


Terri is getting caught up and finding duplicates of items not yet in Aleph; catalogers will try to avoid putting duplicates on the withdrawals truck until after the copy being kept appears in Aleph.


When changes in cataloging practices were announced Feb. 15, we planned to revisit so staff were asked for comments. Generally it is working fine to follow the shared cataloging practices as outlined before. However, series authority records are seldom created due to the general nastiness and inconsistency of the series titles used on the records. There will be the possibility for some retrospective work with these later on.  


Round Robin: Current activities, changes, problems.

  • Cindi has gone from working on train wrecks to train revenues.
  • Todd asked who was looking at the LKR examples, and Fern said she was.
  • Jackie has been doing original monographs, especially the code performance standards.
  • Hank was happy at having passed those on to her and is back in agriculture.
  • Nancy happily gives agriculture to Hank and has been working on Treasury documents. She had some interesting junk mail offering sale of coins.
  • Jan said she loves hearing what everyone is doing. She asked if we might like to ask a GPO cataloger to join one of our meetings by phone.
  • Fern said she has finished the flood insurance documents she worked on all year. Yeah!
  • Betsy asked if there might be interest in an article about our project and this idea seemed to have support. (To begin to get this organized, send Jimmie an email if you’re interested). Betsy is all about the budget, barcodes, statistics, and macros.

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