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Stocat Team Meeting Notes

July 2, 2012

Shifting and organizing report
During the Aleph down time June 25-27 Donna, Angie and Jackie shifted documents to make more room available for Hang as he requested. They also gathered and organized the DOD Changes. They did not have time to also put the documents all into SuDocs order, however.

Shared Bib news
The Shared Bib Aleph came up on schedule. There are shared guidelines. Problems should be reported. There will be cleanup needed over time. Some other SUL libraries have added SuDocs call numbers in other fields, but we should leave them there and insert our SuDoc call numbers in 086 fields. The LKR fields are not working now, but have been reported and hopefully be fixed soon. BIB records no longer allow deleted or suppressed fields, but they can be physically deleted using the dropdown menu is permissions allow; if done quickly there is no ADM, but later the ADM must be deleted first. Many HOL links are displayed as choices for item linking, but only UF ones can be linked to UF items.

Congressional Hearings
A student is working on the inventory. The spreadsheet was used to populate the Needs and Orders database. This resulted in acquiring some U. Miami discards that we needed, but the listing was inaccurate in including some that we do not have as held. Eventual cataloging will be done at ALF from print hearings and committee prints.

ASERL visit July 9
The Centers of Excellence grant includes visits by ASERL’s John Berger and Cheryl and they plan to tour ALF next week.

Staff and schedules http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/catmet/ALFStoDocsSchedule.html
Beatriz will begin working Mondays on no-barcode problems. As noted above, Donna will be leaving after July 30. Angie’s appointment continues to early September and she will be attending USF Library School in the fall. Athy was out sick today, but is continuing as a volunteer and plans to move to Miami in August. Mary Gay, our other volunteer, is taking July to go to Vermont and visit family.

Round Robin

  • Cathy: She is just back from 2 weeks in California where she toured storage facilities, including Stanford’s at Livermore. There they said that documents are hard and they limit the number of skinny documents in a tray to 40, including fat books among them.
  • Delonda: She has continued regular de-duplication. The person who was working on JSTOR has left. Last week when Aleph was down her unit worked on checking copyrights.
  • Betsy: She is crossing her fingers that the statistics compilation will work now that we have transitioned to Shared Bib Aleph. OPS funding for StoDocs has been requested but there is no answer yet.
  • Hank: He has been cataloging technical reports and some agriculture. He attended a NASIG presentation, “What’s up with Docs?” There was a presenter from GPO who told him that they do not have a physical collection to be able to check for changes and there is help through ASK.GPO.GOV that eventually answered a question he sent them about a serial document.
  • Hang: He has been catching up after being out last week for a family matter. Before that he attended a meeting on AF remodeling. The certificate of occupancy (C.O.) for the smaller of the two Interim buildings was to have been issued Friday and he will verify if that occurred. DLC and Preservation will be moving there. U. Miami has given us 10,000 linear feet of shelving. A Turner will move Panama Canal materials to Interim.
  • Jorge: He has been working on no-barcode books. These have been lots of German literature lately and are beginning to include Scandinavian literature.
  • Donna: She was hired last week to teach Latin in a private school with start date of July 31, (just a few days before the end of her time-limited appointment on StoDocs). She has been cataloging “Industrial reports,” but having poor luck finding copy for those and has also been completing item work on serials.
  • Cindy: She has been cataloging Department of Health, Education and Welfare documents with “OK” copy and some with multiple series.
  • Susan: She has been cataloging German literature one day per week for ALF problems and cataloging nuclear energy monographs one day per week for StoDocs.
  • Terri: She has been working on no-barcodes problems and other work. There are now 5 large purple trucks of no-barcode problems parked in front of the full shelves of them.
  • Jackie: She has been searching serials such as current industrial reports to provide work for Donna and Trish. She noted that in overlaying records there are fields retained with |5 in them that were protected whether we want them or not, and mostly we do not. [This brought up a question of whether or not a macro could be created to delete all unwanted |5’s from a record.] She has been cataloging AEC. She went to Oklahoma week before last on vacation.
  • Jan: She attended a webinar on Single Bib. FLVC (formerly FCLA) will begin loading MARCIVE records for us and she is concerned that it go well. Her understanding is that it is OK for all the SUL’s to share use of the MARCIVE Bib records, even though they are “proprietary.”
  • Angie: She announced that she has won an ALA Spectrum Scholarship and learned that just before leaving for her trip to the Dominican Republic. She said it is harder to find copy in the documents now being cataloged.
  • Beatriz: She will continue working one day per week on documents, especially doing the withdrawals for them and will begin also working one day per week to solve no-barcode problems.
  • Melissa: She has been cataloging Air Force Cambridge materials.
  • Mary & Carol: They have continued working on barcoding of documents in MSL.
  • Fern: She is just back from vacation. She is not on Aleph Catalogers list, so Betsy will add her along with Mary and Carol to the list.

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