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Cataloging and Metadata
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Division of Scholarly Resources and Research Services
Cataloging and Metadata Department

Stocat Team Meeting Notes

July 8, 2013

Document work updates
Documents being cataloged include Health, Education and Welfare and various other agencies. The books for reclassification from Dewey have slowed down. Documents on the to be cataloged shelves have been consolidated to make room for trays, and no longer include large runs of series.

Dewey Documents, books and serials
Dewey documents serials have been shifted to the area just east of the Documents to be cataloged. These need to be examined to identify priority analyzed series previously treated as serials in Dewey, such as Atomic Energy Commission. Some documents in Dewey are bound together with other kinds of resources, and it might be helpful to disband some of these. [John Freund was consulted after the meeting, and he said these should be sent to him for disbanding. Aleph records should accompany them as well as the name of the cataloger to whom they should be returned.] Hank has started on a cart of AEC items.

Congressional Hearings update
The barcoding project continues. We are out of money to have Committee prints digitized for now. Chelsea said appreciation had been expressed about the digitization of some of the Panama Canal treaty documents.

Documents and ILF
The Documents in MSL that are planned to be sent to ILF have not yet been shipped over. Ben said this will not be happening soon as there is an issue with availability of shelving tall enough to make optimum usage of the space at ILF. Quotes are being requested and alternatives examined.

SuDoc Number Webinar and Fugitives
The recent webinar was seen by Jody, Mary and Carol who agreed that it was good. It will be available to see as a recording. Sudoc numbers can be constructed and used while indicating they did not come from GPO by putting an x on the end. Serials that change agency are allowed to continue to use the same SuDoc number so they are shelved together. Requests for numbers for Fugitive documents can be submitted, but the numbers of these we have would likely not be able to be submitted in this way. Jackie has send many of the fugitive documents to be trayed already (with a TKR so they can be identified), and we have at least a bin full still waiting.

Documents staffing
This has been reduced due to demand for the Dewey problems resolution and due to time needed for RDA training of cataloging staff. Donna is splitting her time between StoDocs and Dewey problems until the end of July when she goes back to teaching.

Round Robin for Documents

  • Hank: He cannot attend but sent notes. He continues to catalog documents serials put on his cart and AEC serials.
  • Chelsea: She chaired the GODORT Cataloging Committee at ALA. There was a report from GPO there. Along with UF, only the University of Minnesota is doing major cataloging of federal documents and they claim to be 90% complete.
  • Jackie: She catalogs whatever is referred to her. Some reclassifications are difficult because the numbers take so long to find.
  • Cindy: She has been cataloging Health, Education and Welfare documents. She is almost done with the second box of pamphlets.
  • Susan: She catalogs various documents, as there are no big series runs left. The documents remaining to be cataloged are varied and not in SuDoc order.
  • Jody: She has been working on ComDocs and everything. She will resume working at ALF on Wednesday mornings on non-federal documents. She has been working with a statistics macro.
  • Mary and Carol: They have been working on Congressional Hearings and Committee Prints.
  • Beatriz: She withdraws duplicate documents and there have been lots of these.

Dewey Monograph work concentrations and cataloger problems
There are still lots of no-barcode problem books, but they appear to have slowed a little. Some NAL classification books are still on the shelves. Some unrelated books are bound together and could be handled better if they were dis-bound.

Duplicates good news

Delonda said the duplicates project has been completed! She and Angie and Cody are now helping with no-barcodes problems.

Dewey cataloger staffing
This is temporarily reduced so that catalogers can spend more time learning RDA. Delonda, Angie and Cody will be a great addition.

Serials cataloging in storage update
Tabby reported that these are going well and are now 41.4% complete. The help from Hank and Naomi has been wonderful. Betsy mentioned that omitting classification numbers on the University of Miami serials holdings records is being considered. Hank noted, “I’ve worked with Tabby and Sarah on some procedures for folks. Sarah is compiling a list of weird things that happened and how we decided to handle it.” He has been entering OCLC records that were not previously in Aleph when needed, and explaining serial volume holdings practices.

Interim News
Progress for Tabby’s group. High shelving is needed in order to utilize the capacity of the buildings, and quotes are being sought.

Environmental, supplies, space and/or equipment notes
Post-it notes and pencils may need to be replenished. Jimmie took 2 packages of paper to ALF for printing recently, and Hang will work through Laydene to restock paper and toner for the use of cataloging staff now that the new fiscal year has begun. The number of trucks of Dewey no-barcodes problems directly in the cataloging area will be reduced to one in order to help with the space congestion there, and catalogers will ask Clinton for a replacement when one becomes empty.

Round Robin for Dewey & ILF work

  • Fern and Donna were unable to attend this meeting because the CampusCab failed to pick them up, but the dispatcher was very apologetic. They have been working on no-barcode books.
  • Terri: She is absent but sent her report. She has been working on some of the regular duplicates and the duplicates that she has to send out the duplicate form (shared bib). Also she has shown Hank how to do the duplicates she has gotten from others.
  • Patricia: She is absent but has been working on no-barcodes and also trained DeDupe staff to do them last week.
  • Hank: He was unable to attend but has been working on no barcode books and withdrawals. Please put Dewey non-SuDoc serials on the “Serials to be returned to shelf” cart.
  • Naomi: She plans to work at ILF 10 hours per week until fall semester. Cindy will be starting to work on serials at ILF during that time as Hank reduces his time there in relation to assignment shifts. The problems are almost caught up.
  • Beatriz: She has been working on no-barcodes books.
  • Jorge: He has been working on zero-OCLC books.
    Susan: She has been working on zero-OCLC books.
  • Randy: He has been working on zero-OCLC books and reclassifying and transferring books for John Ingram in Rare Books.
  • Melissa: She has been working on zero-OCLC books.
  • Hang: He has been trying to get the shelving that is needed in ILF and is still waiting on replacement equipment.
  • Tabby: See above.
  • Ben: See everything above.
  • Delonda: She and her dedupe team completed the Duplicates Project!
  • Jimmie: She works on no-OCLC and problem Dewey books and wrote these notes.

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