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Cataloging and Metadata
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Division of Scholarly Resources and Research Services
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Stodocs Project

Stodocs Team Meeting Notes

July 18, 2011

Present: Jimmie, Beatriz, Melissa, Jan, Betsy, Carol, Mary, Chelsea, Cindy, Susan, Terri, Jorge, Cathy


Separate from the Storage Documents that we are cataloging, there are a large number of books identified as federal documents at ALF that are cataloged in Dewey. Plans are being made but not yet finalized for pulling them and shelving them in a marked area vacated by completion of so many Storage Documents. Many will be duplicates that we will need to pull and withdraw as we are cataloging the remainder of the Storage Documents.

Organization of materials and cleanup day (Aug. 10)

  • Jorge has filtered the Atomic Energy Commission documents that need original cataloging to separate strictly monographs from strictly serials and those in sets or series. Having them grouped like this will make it much easier to catalog these.
  • Cleanup day is an annual event for more than 10 years in Cataloging and Acquisitions and this year we will honor it in the StoDocs Area.

Changes in staff and schedules
A new version of schedules was sent by email recently. Athy Fitos will begin working part-time on MTW next Tuesday. Cathy asked about orientation of new staff at ALF. Since Jackie does this, we will need to check with her about specifics.

Environmental and/or equipment notes

  • Dual monitors have been installed for those requesting them at ALF. They will not work for remoting until the new computers with newer versions of software are available.
  • New computers are expected to replace the older computers in the next 2 or 3 weeks.

Round Robin

  • Jackie: “I’m still working on Atomic Energy Commission (Y 3.At) publications. Lots of enhances, Tahj continues to do the Aleph work on those. Not much else new."
  • Beatriz: She is still working on the NASA Contractor Reports.
  • Melissa: Also working on the NASA Contractor Reports. They will soon be finished and Beatriz and Melissa will move on to another color (series).
  • Jan: Has been on vacation to St. George Island. She said that this summer there is no work-study student working on the Congressional Hearings, but Paul McDonough is continuing the work of resolving the not-on-shelf items.
  • Betsy: Continues to work on statistics, and has hired Athy to work 20 hours/week for this fiscal year.
  • Carol & Mary: They are barcoding the Agriculture materials. This is needed for the ASERL project.
  • Chelsea: She is continuing to work with the thin, pamphlet documents to send them to IA for scanning after students do preparation work. There is a new supervisor at IA who provides much better service.
  • Cindy: Cataloging the USDA Statistical Bulletins, and is about half finished with that series. She is having better luck now with finding at least one monograph in each bound volume to make the LKR work easier.
  • Susan: She has been back a couple of weeks now and worked on Western Reserve Medical Research originals and really bad shared books from Atomic Aircraft Propulsion.
  • Terri: Has almost caught up with the withdrawals from StoDocs Catalogers. She is also working at ALF on other problems concerning no barcode and nonlinked barcoded books identified during the traying process.
  • Jorge: He quoted Jackie’s message. He helps Jackie keep up with the problems section and does originals as needed.
  • Cathy: The “year-end” people have completed their time. Some have left, but Tracy continues and is hired on construction funds. There will be 4 new workers hired through Temp Force. She has put the ALFDocs project on a back burner in order to focus on checking out the possible interim facility to see how well it may or may not work for us. There is a specially designated place in the loading dock area where completed trucks of storage documents should be parked.

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