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Cataloging and Metadata
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Stodocs Project

Stodocs Team Meeting Notes

July 20, 2010

Present: Carol, Mary, Cindy, Jackie, Jodi, Jan, Fern, Hank, Terri, Nancy, Susan, Cathy, Betsy, and Jimmie.

StoDocs Cataloging at Summit for ASERL

Jimmie showed a draft presentation describing the StoDocs project which she is preparing for presentation at the ASERL Summit the first week of August and was given very helpful input.  

Careful handling of finished items per Hang’s message

StoDocs catalogers have already begun to comply with Hang’s requests that they shelve with spine out, barcode on back and put newly finished items at end rather than filling gaps.  

Storage Duplicates within and beyond Documents shelves

  • Betsy shared a report extracted from the catalog listing federal documents located in other areas of ALF, and it will be examined for ways to use it.
  • Bound together overlaps occur, and Cathy made it clear that we should accept as unavoidable the partial duplication in such volumes as we process them. Catalogers confirmed to Cathy that when they discover through Aleph that a duplicate exists elsewhere in ALF it is retrieved, the best copy kept and other copies withdrawn.               
  • Extra copies of documents will not generally be considered for IA scanning.

Megaseries challenges and tangled webs

LKR’s are not to be routinely created for series, but will be reserved for linking together separately cataloged titles already bound together.  

Serials occur within series, and it is important to search Aleph carefully before bringing in any record from OCLC to avoid duplication.   

Supplies updates

  • Looseleaf binders that were obtained previously will need to be reordered.
  • Solutions will also be sought for items that need binding but cannot utilize those binders.  
  • Barcodes have been resupplied.   

Staffing update             

  • Two time limited positions with benefits should be advertized very soon. 
  • One additional student assistant will be hired in August.

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