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Stocat Team Meeting Notes

August 6, 2012

Areas of focus for Documents
Jackie was unable to attend but phoned to say she has been working to keep Angie going with the OS series on Atomic Energy, a Translation Series, and more recently an Education series. She had been searching and completing some serials to enable Donna to work with the items.

Shared Bib impact on Documents
Hank and Cindy reported they have been surprised at how few of the documents they are cataloging are already found in Shared Bib Aleph. Jan said this is because we are one of the only libraries cataloging their older documents.

New duplicate Dewey Documents Workflow
Delonda collaborated with Jackie to develop a workflow to begin soon for handling the documents that appeared as duplicates in her Deduplication Project. Briefly, the extra copy will be withdrawn by Delonda’s team; then the books will be put on a shelf for completion by Jackie or another StoDocs cataloger who will make sure SuDocs numbers are used, etc.

Changes/reductions in staff and schedules
Donna left for teaching position, Athy is leaving soon for music librarian position in Miami, Cathy is leaving soon for Special Collections position, Katy is leaving soon for a librarian position in S. Fla., and Meegan is changing to half time as she begins a half time teaching position. Fern is back after about a month off for eye surgery & Mary Gay is expected back soon. The current website is out of date, but will be updated soon http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/catmet/ALFStoDocsSchedule.html

Interim update
The smaller of the two Interim Library Facility buildings (ILF 2) is now in use and is already housing some Panama Canal materials. The two buildings ILF 1 and ILF 2 are leased for a 5 year period, by which time the new high density facility and renovated ALF are expected to become available. The timing of the legislature’s funding of the building project will determine how events proceed. Shelving was donated from the University of Miami for ILF2. DLC and Preservation staff plan to move into ILF2 the week of September 17, after which there will be an Open House. Chelsea asked when the work space for the student assistants who have been working with her in DLC will become unavailable, and Lois replied that exact details aren’t available yet. Hang said that RTS bus 24 “Job Corps” goes to ILF, but will not be a quick trip for student assistants. He also said there is a position posted for Library Associate I. The person hired will coordinate ILF and report to Hang, also scheduling deliveries, working with partner libraries, workflows, Temp Force, processing and cataloging issues and generating reports.

Planned U. Miami shipments and ingest of data
The first shipment is expected in a couple of weeks.

Environmental, supplies, and/or equipment notes
More strips are needed to mark zero-oclc and found but crappy oclc search results.

Round Robin

  • Angie, Betsy and Jackie were out.
  • Lois: she was attending a stocat meeting for the first time, but promised to return. She passed when it was her turn, although she contributed throughout the meeting.
  • Hang: he reported that the catalogers following up on tray team problems for no-barcode and no-oclc are very far behind. The wall shelves (ca. 480 vols.) are full and there are about 8 trucks (2,160 vols.) currently needing cataloging work. He also reported there have been a large number of books that failed the re-review after cataloging. This was likely largely due to staff newly handling no-barcode books in the past month that had not yet been fully trained. Everyone will now be on their toes to avoid passing along books that still lack oclc numbers, have provisional status, etc. There will be a need for additional staff, and steps will be taken initially to train them better so this will not recur.
  • Jan: she said there is good person working on the Hearings Inventory now, so progress is being made that will lead to having them ready to be cataloged in the future.
  • Susan: she is working 2 days per week on books that don’t have oclc records. She will be performing routine original cataloging of storage books independently now, while reserving set records, etc. and those about which she has questions for Jimmie’s review.
  • Melissa: she is at ALF on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays working on no-oclc books.
  • Beatriz: she is working Mondays and Wednesdays on no-barcode books.
  • Fern: she is working Mondays and Tuesdays on no-barcode books.
  • Hank: he works Fridays and Saturdays on serials documents such as Current Industrial Reports. Many of these involve title changes, and since he must communicate about these with catalogers at other libraries it will be helpful when equipment becomes available so he can scan the preliminaries, make pdf’s of them, and send those in emails.
  • Chelsea: she continues to coordinate digitization of stodocs materials. Soon she will begin sending DPI books to Internet Archives. The Lyrasis funding for this will come to an end soon.
  • Terri: she works at ALF and on campus on several projects in addition to no-barcode. There is no shortage of priority work for her.
  • Carol and Mary: they continue to help by providing SuDocs numbers when needed.
  • Patricia: she has been working Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays at ALF on no-barcode books. After the meeting she volunteered to add Tuesdays to that schedule. (THANKS!)
  • Cindy: she works cataloging documents on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.
  • Jorge: he works 1 ½ days per week on no-barcodes books. He completes original cataloging on books requiring it and often resolves issues with multivolume sets.
  • Jimmie: she works solving problems and reviewing originally cataloged books on Friday afternoons and tries to keep track of all the stocat catalogers.

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