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Stodocs Project

Stodocs Team Meeting Notes

August 15, 2011

Present: Melissa, Cindy, Jan, Betsy, Donna, Angie, Carol, Mary, Cathy, Hang, Hank, Jorge, Chelsea, Jackie, and Jimmie


Since this was identified as a priority due to the ASERL collaboration, we have made excellent progress with the USDA items in StoDocs. Hank has essentially completed the serials (357 titles), including some referred from the analyzed series. Donna has completed the Miscellaneous Publications (1419 titles), and the Technical Bulletins (1599 titles), and Cindy expects to complete the Statistical Bulletins (507 titles so far) tomorrow. [Numbers based on Aleph searches 8/15/11 using StoDocs TKR with series title or “periodicals” in 6xx]. There remain a few of smaller series to be analyzed, and with Jan’s consent, these will now be a target for staff as appropriate to their skills and the copy found.

Next tier of priority series list
Due progress in the priority list of to be analyzed series, other series have been examined. One series on the list that has not been able to be found at ALF was Information Circulars from the Bureau of Mines. The WAD reports from the DOD have copy and are beginning to be analyzed.

Changes in staff and schedules
Tahj will not be working at ALF after Wednesday. Krissy will be back in the fall. Since we have Athy part-time, we will not hire an additional student assistant for the present.

Environmental and/or equipment notes

  • Problems with computers: There have been various problems with Macro Express, etc.
  • New computers: Delivery date still unknown.

Round Robin

  • Melissa: She has been working on a group of problems and has begun cataloging WAD Reports.
  • Cindy: She will finish the USDA Statistical Bulletins tomorrow, and will be ready to move on to another series.
  • Jan: No report.
  • Betsy: She has been doing the usual statistical work and re-hired Krissy with a raise.
  • Mary and Carol: They have been working on bar-coding and problems.
  • Cathy and Hang: Things are going fine at ALF, Cindy M. is on vacation. Condition assessment with brittleness testing will be needed for all items trayed, including those already in trays. Transfers to storage may be anticipated from Library West as well as AFA and Music in connection with the announced plans to merge AFA and Music libraries into Library West.
  • Chelsea: She has been working on “skinnies”, sending pamphlets to IA and dealing with them on return. Good progress is being made.
  • Hank: He has been cataloging a lot of quarterly reports, etc. from nuclear agencies and is finding copy for about 75%, although often poor copy.
    Jackie: Has been working on Atomic Energy monographs and often finding poor copy.
  • Jorge: Ditto to Jackie.
  • Donna: She is working on Bureau of Mines individual reports, and has about 1 shelf left of these.
  • Angie: She is almost done with the NASA Technical Bulletins. She has been accepted to USF School of Library and Information Science for fall term and plans to take 2 classes.

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