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Stodocs Project

Stodocs Team Meeting Notes

August 17, 2009

Meeting schedule

The plan is to schedule monthly meetings – Mondays, 9-10am – and other meetings on an as needed basis.  


Work schedules

Stodocs catalogers’ work schedules are posted on the blog -



Reminder to send questions related to the project to the e-mail list.  As Hank said in an earlier e-mail, “Give several people a chance to chime in.”


Some project catalogers expressed an interest in visiting the Documents Department and meeting others involved in the project, i.e., Mary Wisnieski and Carol Harris J.  Betsy will look at the calendar to see if something could be set up before school resumes. 


Arrival e-mails

Project catalogers agreed to dispense with e-mails to the list confirming arrival at ALF.



Stats are collected two ways – through the stats macro and through an item count report.  Jason confirmed that the item count report is based on the update date.  Betsy will send the monthly item count report broken down my individual cataloger to the list.


Quality control

Quality control measures include posting the guidelines (poster-size versions coming), using record editing for original monographs, and looking into possible reports or ways to deal with the following errors:

  • Item description includes “v.” instead of the number only, which affects the sort
  • Unarrived items (instructions needed)
  • Formatting SuDoc numbers (Documents will look for guideline)



Facilities is planning to drop off ergonomically correct chairs and make adjustments to table heights (as needed) this week.  The catalogers would also like 3 footrests available to use.  (I made this request to Peter today.)

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