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Stocat Team Meeting Notes

September 9, 2013

Document work updates
Work continues on Health, Education and Welfare publications, Labor publications, and various others. The shelves were consolidated to make room for trayed books and are no longer in order at all. Some original documents are being cataloged using RDA. Some already have parts in FLARE and call for new procedures associated with that.

Dewey Documents, books and serials
Some materials for reclassification from Dewey to SuDoc are coming through again. In addition to the many serials in the StoDocs area awaiting cataloging, there are many Dewey serials set aside as possible documents in ALF.

Congressional Hearings update
This is going fine. The inventory will allow for identification of missing documents to be posted as needs.

FLARE for Documents (See guide at http://guides.uflib.ufl.edu/flare)
Working with multi-volume monographic sets or with serials when parts are already in FLARE require careful multi-step procedures. In some cases there are duplicate records for a title and it is necessary to move FLARE holdings and items from one bibliographic record to another. A written procedure would be helpful for this, and Betsy will draft additions to the FLARE Workflow guide. Cindy said that it is sometimes very problematic to try to send through all parts of a serial together as is recommended in the guide. The aim is to be efficient, and in these cases it is more efficient not to try to send all parts through at once.

Documents staffing
Staff now working on cataloging storage documents include Jackie, Susan, Cindy, Hank, Beatriz and Jodie.

Round Robin for Documents

  • Jody. She has been working on non-federal documents in ALF on Wednesdays 8:30-5. She catalogs European documents, and has done around half of those in MSL. She likes to work with serial ITM’s.
  • Jackie. She has been doing original cataloging and reclassification, “whatever comes my way.” She asked if the documents in MSL would be “deduped” before movement to storage and was told there would not be time.
  • Hank. He has finished half of the JPRS second truck and also works with whatever lands on his referral truck.
  • Cindy. She has been cataloging Health, Education and Welfare, including lots of serials.
  • Chelsea. She has a new scan PO now. The DPI documents are almost ready to return. She continues to work on the Panama Canal documents.
  • Susan. She has been doing original book cataloging for Health, Education and Welfare. It is a problem when some FLARE items are not updated with the volume number.
  • Betsy. She has been working on statistics and getting the item count. She is working with Cynthia Bowker to get the title list functional again. This stopped working in July when many Stodocs holdings switched to UFSTO UFFLR.
  • Jan. No comments besides those in other parts of these notes.
  • Mary and Carol. They continue to work on barcoding the documents in MSL.

Dewey Monograph work concentrations and cataloger problems
Business as usual. Jorge commented on the FRAKTUR and other problem books needing original cataloging that were set aside. Randy has done some of these and will do more, although his current focus is on reclassification and transfer of rare materials on Wednesdays when he is at ALF.

FLARE for Dewey (See guide at http://guides.uflib.ufl.edu/flare)
Jorge gave a very helpful demonstration of the many careful steps involved in working with materials for which parts or copies are already in FLARE.

Dewey cataloger staffing
Ran out of time during the meeting, but currently ALF cataloging work on Dewey storage materials is done by: Melissa, Jorge, Susan, Patsy, Patricia, Angie, Delonda, Randy, Terri, Audrey, Beatriz, Fern, Cody, and Jimmie.

Interim News
Tabby said the work in ILF is going well with 70% of the University of Miami done. Ben said some shelving has been eredted on the east side while efforts continue to get high density shelving from the Provost. Trayed materials will be moved from ALF to ILF to make room for documents from MSL. Betsy asked if the OCLC symbol would begin to be used, and Ben said he would bring that up at another meeting today.



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