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Stodocs Project

Stodocs Team Meeting Notes

September 19, 2011

Present: Terri, Beatriz, Jorge, Delonda, Hang, Carol, Mary, Jody, Chelsea, Cindy, Angie, Donna, Melissa, Jan, Susan, Hank, and Betsy

Campus Cab

The inaugural ride to the meeting went well.

UF has agreed to serve as a repository for USDA publications in support of a collaboration among land grant universities in the Association of Southeastern Research Libraries (ASERL).  Donna is working on an inventory of UF's USDA holdings, both cataloged and uncataloged.

Changes in staff and schedules
Jody is working on non-federal goverment documents at ALF on Wednesdays from 9:00am-12:00pm, and needs to be added to the schedule.

The numbers of items with no barcodes and unlinked barcodes set aside by Team Tray is growing and may necessitate an increase in FTE assigned from Cataloging.

Environmental and/or equipment notes

  • The work area is a bit cramped with so many booktrucks and two large tables.  The Stodocs team will work with Hang to brainstorm possibilities for storing booktrucks outside the immediate area when not in use and rearranging the tables.
  • CatMet has another computer that could be moved to ALF, if a spot can be identified.
  • Hang asked the Stodocs team to discard boxes in the regular or recycle dumpsters outside rather than in the trashcans.
  • Delonda brought attention to the volume of unwanted printouts.
  • Hang suggested getting a designated phone for the Stodocs area.  The number could be included in the staff directory.  

Rare books

Delonda distributed the criteria Nancy Poehlmann provided to determine if an item might be rare.  Stogen catalogers should contact Nancy directly if they encounter an item meeting the criteria, which is:

  • US - 1820 and before
  • West Europe - 1800 and before
  • Other countries - 1900 and before

Stogen update

Susan showed new purple strips that Stogen catalogers should insert in books to indicate that copy was not found in OCLC.  Please date and initial.  The strips may also be used to refer items to Stogen original catalogers when the copy in OCLC needs significant changes.

Item requests

Hang instructed catalogers to e-mail when an item is needed from storage.  When the Request link is used, the item is pulled and sent to campus.

Items in trays

In response to a question from Cindy, Hang told catalogers to set aside any items they are concerned might not fit in a tray.  He can provide examples for the next meeting.

Round Robin

  • Terri: training Trish on no barcode and Beatriz on withdrawals
  • Beatriz: working on Agriculture and helping with withdrawals
  • Jorge: doing Stogen originals and working on Atomic Energy publications for Stodocs
  • Delonda: continuing to work on dedup; also will get training from Naomi and start JSTOR project soon; is hiring another person
  • Hang: 100,000 traying milestone reached; two new Team Tray hires in place; will be getting shrink wrap machine to protect brittle and damaged books soon
  • Carol and Mary: cataloging and barcoding Agriculture material
  • Jody: cataloging EU official journal and assisting Chelsea with skinnies
  • Chelsea:continuing to prepare and send items to Internet Archive
  • Cindy: will finish Agriculture Marketing Service soon and choose new area
  • Angie: completed NASA Technical Notes; cataloging Agriculture bound-together
  • Donna: cataloging Research in Development Reports, Plant Industry bound-together, and doing inventory of Agriculture publications
  • Melissa: cataloging WADD Technical Reports, WADC Technical Reports, and Stogen
  • Jan: working on Hearings and Agriculture inventory
  • Susan: cataloging originals for Stogen and Atomic Energy publications for Stodocs
  • Hank: cataloging Agriculture serials and Miscellaneous Publications Series

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