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Cataloging and Metadata
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Stodocs Project

Stodocs Team Meeting Notes

September 20, 2010

Present: Melissa, Hank, Cindy, Fern, Jackie, Betsy, Chelsea, Cathy, Jorge, and Jennifer



  • The team is excited to have Melissa on board.  She's working on flood insurance monographs.
  • Donna Reynolds, a library science student, is expected to begin working 5 hours/week starting Thursday, September 23.
  • Jorge is assisting with map-related cataloging.
  • Kay is working Wednesdays and Fridays fall semester.
  • The search for more work study students continues.


  • Interviews for the Deduplication Coordinator will take place this week, then hiring will begin for three assistants. 
  • This winter approximately 10 staff will be hired to cover the traying operation.

Accompanying maps             

  • The team discussed details for a draft procedure on how to handle maps that accompany other Stodocs material.  It will be circulated for wider comment.
  • Jorge reported that the Map Librarian has approved returning to campus for review monographs with accompanying maps that are not government documents.
  • Jorge will submit a grover ticket to make a few adjustments to the Stodocs stats macro to facilitate reporting map stats.


Internet Archive scanning

Per Chelsea, the project is moving forward slowly.  The macros being developed by IT to extract item metadata should be ready by mid-October.  $45,000 has been earmarked for scanning items under 50 pages, including front and back covers.  Cost per page is $0.12 based on a discount provided through Lyrasis.  Documents plans to scan items that fall outside of the under 50 page parameter using a scanning station set up with help from the Digital Library Center.


Cathy reported that the library is in the process of getting cost estimates to heat the office area. 



IT plans to deliver two additional computers for Stodocs this week.  Betsy will check about the furniture and removing the soft wall in the corner.

Storage stats              

Cathy provided the following storage item estimates and mentioned that a storage consultant will be in town next week.

  • 300,000 items - US government documents
  • 440,000 items - monographs (expect these can go directly to trays)
  • 260,000 items - bound periodicals (Cathy is strategizing with Naomi about best method for handling these)

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