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Stodocs Project

Stodocs Team Meeting Notes

September 21, 2009

Call numbers

A decision was made to use the part after the SuDoc stem in the description.  For instance, in the case of PM 1.15:986/10, instead of using 1986:Oct., we’ll use 986/10.  No retrospective clean-up will be attempted at this time.



Hank’s voice mail, which I didn’t listen to until after the meeting (my bad), explained why he put carts on the agenda.  It was to notify everyone that we’re going to start putting signs with names on carts to make it easier to keep track of who’s working on which material.


Stodocs circulation

The hard work is paying off.  Stodocs material is circulating!  Three cheers for the catalogers!  Jan’s going to look into getting a circulation report for titles with the stodocs tickler.  She’ll keep us posted.


Where are we now?

Hank put this on the agenda to ask what items or projects each cataloger is currently working on and how close the cataloger thinks he/she is to being done.  Hank and Jackie will work with folks to line up their next group of material to target.


Update re. Nancy

Nancy expects to be back in Gainesville next week and at ALF to work on Tuesday, September 29.



The catstats macro seems slow and sometimes stalls out.  (I talked to Michael after the meeting and will submit a grover, if necessary.  First, Michael recommends the you run the macro from your on-campus computer and compare - send results to the list.  Also, please check the source for your macro at ALF – off the hard drive? off the server?)


The stodocs tkr-599 macro is supposed to be working now (post-meeting).  Share with the list if you experience any problems with it.


Quality Control list from 8/17/09 meeting

  • Item clean-up – a grover request has been submitted to get a report, and hopefully globally correct, item records that include captions in the Enum Levels 1 and 2 since those fields should only contain numeric characters.  If they have captions, it negatively affects the sort in the OPAC.
  • Arriving items – instructions sent to stodocs list on 9/10/09
  • Formatting SuDoc numbers – best recollection is that this has to do with the call number issue mentioned above

Visiting Documents

Everyone’s had an opportunity to visit Documents at this point, but their door is always open.



One chair is not easily adjustable like it should be.  Please put a good-size sign on the chair tomorrow.  (I talked to Peter, and he’s going to go to ALF to check on it – possibly just replace it.)


Schedule change

Todd is changing his ALF schedule from Wednesdays to Fridays. 

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