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Division of Scholarly Resources and Research Services
Cataloging and Metadata Department

Stocat Team Meeting Notes

October 1, 2012

Document work concentrations and problems
Jackie reported that the Atomic Energy Commission publications continue to be a large part of the work. She trained our new student assistant Sable who is now working on Education (FS) publications. The Air Force Cambridge publications are being cataloged by Mary Gay.

Shared Bib duplicates issues for Documents
Hank reported this has not been a concern for serials, but Jackie reported there are many duplicate records to be fixed or reported among the monographs.

Dewey Documents work
There was a large backlog made up mostly of Bureau of American Ethnology, but these are finished now. Now there are lots of National Academy of Science and National Research Council publications from the Dewey duplicates. Jan will give further consideration as to whether or not the NRC should be handled as documents and get back to us.

Documents staffing update
New student Sable Toney; Beatriz and Susan D. 1 day/week; Hank 2 days/week; Cindy 3 days/week; Jackie 4 days/week; and Mary Gay part time (Volunteer)

Round Robin for Documents work

  • Jan said the hearings inventory work is ongoing. She said that Chelsea was not able to come today, but will be working on the Panama Canal grant project.
  • Susan said she has been cataloging Atomic Energy Commission publications. Jan asked how many of the AEC require original records and Susan said about 75%.
  • Hank has been cataloging AEC serials and some others referred by Jackie. He is pleased that now he can make pdf’s to use in communications about title changes and authority work which is extremely valuable.
  • Cindy had a great vacation and now will go back to cataloging Health Education and Welfare publications.
  • Jackie has been doing enhances and training and checking work for Sable. She has been working on books about leaky wave antennae. Her father had been administrator in the Panama Canal and her family has lots of photographs and other items. Her sister took them to scan, but when Jackie gets them back she plans to donate them to the Libraries.
  • Beatriz has been processing duplicates and cataloging Education publications.
  • Mary Gay has been cataloging Air Force Office of Scientific Research publications which she feels challenge her scientific knowledge.

Dewey Monograph work concentrations and cataloger problems
Items identified by the Tray Team as no barcode and no oclc problems have been mostly foreign languages literature, particularly German, Russian, French and Icelandic. There are also lots of Turkish translations of works of literature. Susan has cataloged lots of these already and has put aside a shelf of maybe a hundred of them. Betsy suggested it might be a good idea to contact selectors for possibly withdrawing some of these. Often the foreign language literature lacks date of copyright or publication, which makes them difficult, and also the labels often do not match the call numbers in Aleph.

Shared Bib issues for Dewey work
There are some duplicates issues which call for moving our holdings or reporting to other libraries.

Dewey cataloger staffing update
Beatriz, Susan D. and Randy 1 day/week; Jorge 1½ day/week; Terri, Patsy, Fern and Lila 2 days/week; Melissa 3 days/week; Patricia 4 days/week.

U. Miami shipments and ingest of data; MSL spreadsheet
Lois reported that there was a recent converence call with them. Some concerns on the part of U. Miami have delayed deliveries. She is still selling them on the idea of relying on the MSL spreadsheet to de-duplicate against since these are still on open shelves. Truckloads may begin coming in 2-3 weeks. The cataloging piece is still being worked on; the OCLC symbol will not be FUG but FLARE. Interim 2 is about half shelved already, and contains Panama Canal materials. The storage team meets bi-weekly on Tuesdays from 3-4:30 and would like to have cataloging participation.

Planned staff moves related to Interim ILF 1 is being renovated quickly, with delays being caused by CNS installation of required computer support. It may be late October when staff move in there.

Environmental, supplies, and/or equipment notes
The AC was out Friday, but should be fixed now.

Round Robin for Dewey work

  • Fern said she is pulling as many from the shelves as she can and getting them done. She and Melissa sorted the multivolume sets out on the trucks and that helped. The trucks of no oclc problems have been coming with all three rows facing the same direction which makes it harder to identify sets, languages, etc. Delonda said she will check if they could be arranged so that the spines face outward on two sides.
  • Patricia said she has been working on no barcodes books. She wrote a guide called, “How to do no barcodes,” and this has been very helpful for all the staff working on these.
  • Melissa said she has been working on no oclc and no barcode books, and she thanked Patricia for her help.
  • Susan said she has been cataloging books needing originals and weird stuff.
    Delonda said she has been training 3 new staff (including Angie), and will have one more coming.
  • Randy said he has been working on no barcode books, especially any Russian he can find as well as German and French.
  • Beatriz said she has been working on no barcode books and finding good copy.
    Tabby introduced herself as coordinator of Interim and Shared Storage. She said so far she has been helping get ready for moves with Delonda and Hang and learning what they do.
  • Lois said she has been busy. Last week she prepared a budget for the future facility for CAPV. When asked when at the earliest we would know about funding she said it would be April or May if we get funds beginning July 1, 2013. Actual construction would not begin until late August probably.


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