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Stodocs Project

Stodocs Team Meeting Notes

October 17, 2011

Bound and loose mixtures duplication

In order to minimize addition of duplicates, catalogers are first cataloging bound volumes of series with bound and loose parts, then passing duplicates for withdrawal. 

“Not on shelf” Dewey duplicates

Catalogers should suppress the HOL and make the item status SP for books that cannot be found on the shelf as well as make a staff note on the HOL saying not on shelf, the date and their initials.


Changes in staff and schedules

The most current information about staff schedules is available at: StoDocs full-time benefitted staff will begin to be able to work until 6 PM on weekdays and some Saturdays. Jorge, Hank and possibly Athy may want to do this, (Betsy will speak with Athy about this.) Jorge needs a key and Hang said he will request one for him (after the meeting Beatriz asked to have one also). Beatriz is taking pictures to be posted for safety purposes and will have her camera at ALF this Wednesday. Concern was expressed that a block is often being put in the outside door to keep it from closing, and it was decided that this will no longer be done. Staff going outside who do not have keys will instead knock to be readmitted. There was discussion about installing electronic keying, but this has so far been seen as too expensive. 

Environmental, supplies, and/or equipment notes (phone, network, additional computer, bar code sheets, etc.)

There is a new phone (273-2887). Hang asked if we still need the other phone, and it was pointed out that many people only know the old number so we will keep it for a while until most callers can learn the new number. The barcode supply is getting low, and Betsy said she will order more. Some other supplies will be picked up after the meeting by Jackie. Betsy said she had changed the Campus Cab request to comply with the new meeting schedule (1st Monday of each month beginning Nov. 7). The first Monday in January will be a holiday, so the first StoDocs meeting of 2012 will be February 6 unless we find a special need to meet sooner.

StoGen updates

Hang reported a slowing in the rate of newly discovered barcode problems as a characteristic of the materials currently being trayed, but expects a high rate again when the 800’s are processed. Betsy reported that she identified through Aleph that there are over 12,000 storage titles in Aleph without OCLC (Aleph didn’t report the ones without Aleph records J,  but we know they’re out there.)

Round Robin

We ran out of time before everyone could report.

  • Terri – she completed the stinky NY Times microfilm which had taken a long time.
  • Hank – The top of his cart is empty, but he expects it to fill up by Friday. He’s been working on agriculture and nuclear serials.
  • Hang – StoGen staff are should not replace barcodes that are inside a book with a different barcode on the outside. This is unnecessary because a duplicate of the barcode inside will be produced and placed on the outside by Team Tray. (It was discussed that StoDocs practice is to replace the inside barcode with a new barcode on the outside, but this is not frequently the case. Over the next month StoDocs catalogers are asked to keep a tally of the number of times they replace a barcode so we can tell how many extra barcodes are being used for this. There are workflow considerations to balance against the barcode savings and that will help us to assess them.) Hang also said he has been working on computer and network issues for staff at ALF. 

Post-meeting Round Robin messages:

  • Beatriz said, “I’ve been doing Agriculture items.  I’ve been taking pictures of StoDocs staff but not the ALF staff yet. I’ll be taking pictures this Wednesday. I’ve been doing a few withdraw items and Terry just told me that we got some items on the withdraw shelf so I’ll be doing some of that this week.”
  • Jackie said she has been working on series authorities a lot, and has noted a lot of split files of names to be dealt with.

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