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Cataloging and Metadata
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Division of Scholarly Resources and Research Services
Cataloging and Metadata Department


Stodocs Project

Stodocs Team Meeting Notes

October 18, 2010

Present: Melissa, Nancy, Fern, Carol, Mary, Cathy, Jody, Jackie, Betsy, Terri, and Jimmie.

Shared Stodocs Guide

Comments and suggestions were sought for the Shared Stodocs Guide. Jackie pointed out the importance of highlighting that class numbers of all kinds should be retained in the bibliographic record, even when they are temporarily removed for automated HOL populating with the SuDoc number. Betsy suggested including specific guidance for indicator zero in the 086 which is important in reports.


Staffing Update

Nancy will be leaving ALF, her last day will be October 28. The search continues for another student assistant. Cathy announced that Dalonda and Sandy are now full time staff at ALF.


  • Two additional PC’s were installed, and reportedly they are working perfectly. Nancy said the tables are low, and Brad will be making risers for the computers.
  • Additional scanners and scanner holders were obtained.
  • A request was submitted for keyboard wrist rests and mouse pads with wrist rests.
  • There would be a need for additional space heaters as winter comes on, but Cathy said the prospect is good for space-heaters to be provided soon, and that they will be internal to the room rather than outside units with heat pumped in.


Round Robin

Current activities, changes, problems:

  • Melissa has started working on monographs other than flood insurance, some about coins from the Federal Reserve.
  • Nancy will be leaving. She has been working on the series of Labor Statistics bulletins. She has done about 600 and there are about that many more titles. These are bound volumes each containing many monograph and/or serials and the LKR is used to tell users how to request them. More than 35 serials are included in this series. A farewell lunch will be scheduled before Nancy’s departure.
  • Fern is not working on Flood insurance anymore, but has worked on English translation monographs from Polish.
  • Carol and Mary have been answering occasional icky questions.
  • Cathy said the scanning project is moving forward for the “skinnies”. The metadata sent to Internet Archive is being derived with a new macro the Michael Jay is working on. The 086 being distinctive is useful for this. She is hoping to have a trailer placed near the building at ALF for use as lunchroom and conference call center, and a someone will be coming tomorrow about this.
  • Jody has been out to ALF to work on non-federal materials and will be going there again since she works with Florida and International documents.
  • Jackie said she has not been able to be at ALF for a couple of weeks, but was working on atomic energy publications.
  • Betsy said she has been working on statistics and the item counts are now available. She is also working towards hiring another student assistant.
  • Terri mentioned that she continues to process withdrawals, and again encountered items placed on the to-be-withdrawn area that are not copies of titles in Aleph. Everyone should be reminded that nothing should be referred for withdrawal until a copy is cataloged in Aleph. When there is more than one copy referred for original cataloging, all copies should be passed along together and the extra copies only withdrawn after the cataloging is done. Terri also works on non-Docs problems from Dalonda and Hang.
  • Nancy mentioned that significantly fewer barcode errors have been returned to catalogers from Sandy and Craig. Cathy said traying is no longer limited to documents, which keeps them from catching up. She also said that the connection speed should improve since the bandwidth should be doubled very soon.

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