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Cataloging and Metadata Department

Stocat Team Meeting Notes

November 5, 2012

Document work updates
Jackie reported that our student assistant Sable has been cataloging Education documents, Jackie has been cataloging Dept. of Defense and Atomic Energy Commission documents; Melissa has been cataloging Dept. of Defense; Mary Gay has been cataloging Education documents. Education is most likely to have OCLC copy and Atomic Energy has much less.

Dewey Documents work
There had been a lot of Smithsonian documents which are now done and there is just a trickle.

Documents staffing update
Those staff who had been moved from Documents cataloging to help catch up with the Dewey problems are for the most part doing Documents again this week. The flow of Dewey problems will be monitored and those staff will resume work on those when demand increases again.

Round Robin for Documents work

  • Jackie: she is doing lots of series authority work and enhancing records for completion by Sable (who works Tuesdays and Thursdays).
  • Hank: he does the work people place on his cart (often Health, Education & Welfare), and then catalogs Atomic Energy Commission serials.
  • Melissa: she is cataloging Dept. of Defense documents.
  • Cindy: she is cataloging Health, Education & Welfare documents.
  • Susan D.: she is cataloging Atomic Energy Commission documents. Last week she found a document OCLC record that was RDA.
  • Jan: she is working on Hearings with the help of a great student assistant. They will soon be up to 1976, after which records were supplied, and then will come the inventory. We will need to plan how and where to complete the cataloging after that.
  • Mary and Carol: they have been working on Agriculture documents and many problems.
  • Beatriz: she has been cataloging Education documents and completing withdrawals.

Dewey Monograph work concentrations and cataloger problems
Dewey problems catalogers are close to being caught up with the Tray Teams, so most are working with Documents this week and will continue to until demand increases for Dewey work. According to Hang AFA books (1600), are the source of traying now, and there are much fewer problems among these than there was in GenD. Toward the end of November the AFA should be completed and books will come from AUX which is expected to be more similar in problems content to GenD. AUX books were phased out from LW long ago and put into the MSL basement in 1984 as sci,hssl. Older Agriculture books are included there also. Several hundred books that have been identified by John Ingram for transfer to Rare Books have catalog problems. Randy, who catalogs Rare Books, agreed to handle those books, including the change of location to Rare Books in Aleph as well as resolution of whatever cataloging problems (such as needing original or shared OCLC records) may occur.

Dewey cataloger staffing update
Lila has resigned and Audrey has been hired to replace her beginning this Wednesday morning. Audrey’s schedule will be Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

U. Miami shipments and ingest of data
Hang said there were 2 shipments last week and will be 2 this week. There would have been more except that the shipping company handling these shipments had a fire in their truck yard. Some UM books are smoke-damaged. Lots more trays need to be ordered. Tabby is getting married and will be out for 2 weeks beginning 11/13. There was a meeting last week about entry of the UM books data into the catalog, but no outcome is yet available. It would be possible to tray the books prior to catalog entry.

Progress on staff moves to Interim
Hang reported that DLC and Conservation have basically moved to Interim, but some work will not be completed by the moving company until Tuesday.

Environmental, supplies, and/or equipment notes
Jackie said the computer Angie used to work at has a keyboard that needs to be replaced. She will send a Grover for it.

Round Robin for Dewey work

  • Fern: she is working with no-barcode books and will begin to work on volume sets. Some of these are bound together with other books.
  • Randy: he has been working with no-barcode books. Next he will work with the transfers to Rare Books, and after that will catalog no-OCLC.
  • Susan: she catalogs no-oclc books.
  • Jorge: he has been doing no-barcode and no-OCLC books.
  • Terry: she took charge of completing the books that Lila had left on a truck and is also working on a variety of problems. Some books require that other books be brought from Trays, and the ALF staff have been very helpful (especially Clinton and Cindy).
  • Beatriz: she worked with no-barcodes. Hang asked if she would take photos of the new staff for the ID board and Beatriz said she will bring her camera Wednesday and do that.

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