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Stodocs Project

Stodocs Team Meeting Notes

November 7, 2011

Please catalog the copy to be retained before putting any copies on the StoDocs Duplicates Withdrawal Shelf, and include the Aleph system number with the book. (This is so that Beatriz won’t have to spend time looking for it in Aleph or guessing if its really a duplicate. Don’t just see there are several copies and stick extras on duplicates withdrawal shelf right away as this becomes a problem).

Next priorities after USDA
Jan said we will become a Center of Excellence (COE) in ASERL for certain USDA agencies and those will be a priority (including series analytics of some previously cataloged and trayed as serials). The Division of Plant Industry (DPI) has some boxes of older agriculture documents and their librarian Beverly Pope will be collaborating with us. Hank asked if we will be getting a database of pre-1976 documents next year and Jan said we will. Congressional Hearings will be an upcoming big project also.

Materials with no SuDoc numbers available (there is a pile).
Jan said these are “fugitive documents” and that we will want to be able to collaborate with GPO regarding them. After discussion, the plan will be to catalog these using only the stem SuDoc number for now. We will tag them for later action with “Fugutive” in a staff note (|x) in the HOL. We will (as Chelsea suggested) have them scanned by Internet Archive (IA), and the TKR will enable us to readily send the records along with pdf’s to GPO if that is desired. On cataloging these thin documents will go into a separate box marked “Fugitive” for sending in batch to IA.

Changes in staff and schedules
Welcome Fern and Lila in StoGen!  (Schedule

Environmental, supplies, and/or equipment notes
2 computers and chairs added. Hang was able to provide 2 nice chairs from his stash. The new computers still need Connexion and Betsy will ask for that again in the Grover.

StoGen update
Please do not change barcode of items already trayed; and apply structured pairs in HOL’s for multivolume sets.

New Business
It was suggested that since the meeting has expanded from StoDocs to include StoGen we should give it a new name. Todd suggested, “Sto-It-All.” Comments welcome.

Round Robin

  • Cathy and Angie were out of town.
  • Jan: Nothing new besides notes above.
  • Hank: Has been cleaning up the Congressional Records holdings to consolidate on HOL for StoDocs in collaboration with Hang. He has a cart full of serials originals to catalog, largely agriculture.
  • Cindy: She finished the bound volumes of Leaflets and found a lot of serials.
  • Donna: She is not working on a particular series now but is scraping the bottom of the barrel of USDA and asking
  • Jackie to set up lots of new series for them. She has begun cataloging some originals in cooperation with Jackie.
  • Jorge: He now works Mondays on StoGen no-OCLC original and problem titles and works Friday mornings on StoDocs Atomic Energy books. He helped Fern get started working on the StoGen no-OCLC shared books.
  • Trish: She works on StoGen no-barcode and unlinked barcode books. She recently worked with Fern and Lila to help get them started.
  • Susan: She has been working Mondays on StoDocs Atomic Energy books and Wednesdays on StoGen no-OCLC originals (which Jimmie revises).
  • Melissa: She works Tuesdays on StoGen no-OCLC shared books. Works Thursdays and Fridays on StoDocs Technical Reports.
  • Delonda: She has been racing with Team Tray to stay ahead with duplicates pulling and withdrawal. Is working with the JSTOR project a little which will start in the next couple of months after she and Naomi complete the workflow details.
  • Hang: He said he has been trying to stay out of the line of fire. There is a collection coming to ALF fro the American Orchid Society soon. He is waiting for Eclipse to become available and helping to plan for that. He said that the StoGen D books have now been pulled as far as the 700’s, and that next they will begin pulling the 800’s.
  • Betsy: She helped Cathy with hiring the 2 new StoGen staff Fern and Lila. She has worked on the statistics for last month, and we have completed 34% of the 300,000 in the general original estimate for the StoDocs project.
  • Chelsea: She has been sending more boxes to IA, and they are coming back faster now.
  • Jackie: She is working with Agriculture StoDocs 4 days per week now. She has been setting up lots of series and names that require cleanup of split files. She will away next week.
  • Todd: He has been working one day a week on StoGen items, serials as well as books. When multiple storage locations are in Aleph for a serial he will work with Delonda.
  • Mary and Carol: They are barcoding the agriculture documents in MSL and working on problems that come up in the projects.
  • Terri: She has been working with the no- or un-linked barcode books identified by Team Tray. She also works with problems. There are some materials in languages she is unable to process and plans to bring them to Hikaru and Randy for assistance.
  • Beatriz : She is working with cataloging agriculture and with StoDocs withdrawals. She will be printing the ALF staff pictures she took so they can go on a bulletin board at ALF.

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