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Stodocs Project

Stodocs Team Meeting Notes

November 15 , 2010

Present: Melissa, Hang, Angie, Delonda, Jan, Jodi, Chelsea, Cathy, Jorge, Carol, Mary, Terri, Fern, Hank, Betsy, and Jimmie.  

We were happy to welcome Delonda, Hang, and Angie to the meeting and look forward to their participation in future meetings.


Cathy brought some questions from Judy who is concerned that we effectively avoid putting more than one copy of documents into the High Density Facility when it is built. Jimmie reviewed the current practice of searching Aleph for any item handled and retrieving any additional copies located in storage in order to retain only one best copy for retention. A minor exception is for items that are bound together with some overlap in volumes which are allowed to go into the HDF. The practice of locating and withdrawing duplicates from other storage areas was not introduced at the very beginning of the project, and therefore some completed documents still have additional copies in other areas of ALF. The general ALF deduplication process employed by Delonda should identify those along with non-document duplicates in other parts of ALF.

Items lacking item records

There was a discussion about criteria for Delonda and Hang to know when items that lack item records or have other problems should be referred to StoDocs staff for handling. Items that were received as part of the depository program are identifiable by a distinctive stamp and should be referred to StoDocs. (Other complicated problems will also be referred to Jackie or other Cataloging & Metadata staff at ALF unrelated to the documents project, but should be identified as non-documents).

Non-depository items that may have been issued by or in association with federal agencies were received through other means and are not subject to the depository program legal constraints on their handling. Documents may in general be handled as though they were published commercially using processes applied for non-documents materials, but should be stamped with the depository stamp when necessary. Since storage documents materials generally are not yet reflected in the catalog, they will not be expected to turn up in the duplicates report being used by Delonda. However, when they are handled, any copies already in ALF should be apparent and duplication avoided at that time.

Congressional Record

As clarified after the meeting by Jan, unbound issues of the Congressional Record are not retained permanently, and StoDocs staff should not be cataloging them and passing them along to be trayed. They are replaced by bound volumes which should be retained for the storage collection. If there are other known materials likely to be found in storage that are similarly not to be retained because they are redundant, it might help to have a list of them.


Jorge said there have not been maps to be handled since the discussion that led to a draft for Maps treatment. He will revisit that draft should the need arise.

Staffing changes

  • Student assistants Tahj (Monday and Wednesday schedule), and Krissy Wilson (Wednesday and Friday schedule) began work at ALF Nov. 3.  Kay continues working on Fridays and Wednesdays.
  • Angie Soto began work Friday as Library Assistant 3.  Hank has been showing her how to use Aleph and Connexion. Jorge will be at ALF on Tuesday to help her as she gets started, and Jackie will be there Wednesday and Thursday.

Equipment and Supplies

  • Connection speed has doubled, and future improvements are expected. There were problems with Aleph last week, but that was not limited to ALF. For the present there seems to be a sufficient number of computers.
  • Staff should let Betsy or Jimmie know as needs for equipment or supplies are identified.  
  • Hang said there will be a full sized refrigerator in the StoDocs cataloging area that later will be moved to the Lunch Trailer.
  • Efforts to acquire heating for the cataloging and processing areas are still in negotiation.

Order of cataloging
Order of cataloging continues to hinge on completion of those priority series to be analyzed that are already listed, and those will keep everyone busy for a while.  


Hours are not expected to expand to Saturdays or after 5 PM and it is unlikely that electronic keying will be applied at ALF. Hang will assist Angie and Melissa in obtaining keys to allow them to enter ALF early in the morning in case ALF staff are not there to let them in. Fern and Hank already have keys.  

Round Robin

  • Melissa is working on NASA technical memorandums. She is beginning to get involved in subject analysis and will need further training. She will also be learning to use LKR’s when she begins to handle bound together series.
  • Hang said the work is progressing step by step and is going well.
  • Angie said she is learning a lot and has been searching.
  • Delonda is working on regular deduping and currently working with AFA materials and workflow development.
  • Jan waved and provided general encouragement and advice throughout.
  • Jodie said she helps with skinnies.
  • Chelsea will soon be working with a work-study student and will send skinnies to Internet Archive soon. A call to firm up prices is scheduled the same day.
  • Cathy said next time we may want to discuss priority skinnies for IA.
  • Jorge has been cataloging monographs (particularly Dept. of Energy), and providing support. He said it appeared the macro for StoDocs statistics might benefit from mirroring the one used in Contributed Cataloging, and there seemed to be general agreement so he will work with Michael Jay to make it so.
  • Carol and Mary said they have been answering questions as needed.
  • Terri works on problems and withdrawals. Betsy gave her a list of holdings errors to correct such as unfinished HOL’s (~10).
  • Fern has been working on NASA research books and doing some subject work.
  • Hank is continuing to catalog serials in Agricultural Marketing and is helping with training.
  • Betsy has been working with Aleph reports and expects to have the title list posted soon. After the meeting Betsy noted that some documents records in Aleph are Carp records. These are often poor records and have "Carp" in the 040 field. They should be overlaid with the current version of the record in OCLC when they are handled by StoDocs staff.

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