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Division of Scholarly Resources and Research Services
Cataloging and Metadata Department

Stocat Team Meeting Notes

December 3, 2012

Document work updates
Jackie reported that Department of Defense cataloging was being done by Melissa and Mary Gay; Atomic Energy cataloging was being done by Susan and Jorge; Education cataloging was being done by Cindy, Beatriz, and Sable; serials cataloging from all of these agencies was being done by Hank, and Jackie was doing originals and collaborating on enhances with Audrey and Sable. The incoming documents identified in the duplicates project have been small.

Congressional Hearings update
Chelsea reported that Manuela is almost done with the inventory of Congressional Hearings. Carol and Mary have begun work on barcoding the post-1976 portion of the Congressional Hearings and Committee Prints. Plans have not yet been made for moving the older ones to ALF and cataloging them due to space limitations.

Documents staffing update
Several staff formerly working on Dewey catalog problems from UFSTO, GEN books have been shifted to other work temporarily since the AFA books now being trayed are generally in good shape with regard to barcodes. There are still a good many books that have no OCLC record numbers in Aleph now since records were unavailable when our retrospective conversion was done, so some staff are working to bring them from OCLC or do original cataloging on them. Susan and Jorge are now doing this one day per week and Fern is doing it half time. Audrey had temporarily helped with documents, but will begin work on the no-OCLC now.

Round Robin for Documents

  • Chelsea: Has been working on Panama Canal books. She also pointed out that skinnies have become a problem but she will be doing some work on them with a student through a mini-grant project.
  • Hank: Does everything on his serials shelf referred from other agencies and then gets more serials from Atomic Energy to catalog.
  • Jackie: Does original cataloging, enhances with others and keeps everyone going.
  • Susan: Has been cataloging Atomic Energy and Russian Translations.
  • Jorge: Has been cataloging Atomic Energy.
  • Betsy: Was on vacation, but will be doing statistics.
  • Naomi: Helps with serials problems that Hank brings to her.
  • Cindy: Has been cataloging Health, Education & Welfare books.
  • Melissa: Has been cataloging Wright Paterson AFB technical reports.
  • Mary & Carol: Have been working on Congressional Hearings and Committee Prints.
  • Beatriz: Has been cataloging Education books and processing withdrawals.

Dewey Monograph work concentrations and cataloger problems
There are still no-OCLC books from AFA storage to be cataloged and Randy is processing transfers of Dewey books to Special Collections that were requested by John Ingram.

Serials cataloging in storage update
Delonda gave a problem journal title left from the JSTOR pilot to Hank and he is working on it (possibly a 3 hour task). For now staff were told not to process any ALF serials for the HDF. Hang reported that last week a shelf unit collapsed at Interim, but there were no injuries. FLVC has been tasked to convert the catalog data for the University of Miami materials being added to FLARE for addition to the Aleph catalog which will start in January and could take up to 6 months. Recent estimates are that chances for funding for the HDF building are bleak to none for 2013/14 budget year. Betsy asked if there were documents among the University of Miami materials now shelved in Interim and Hang said he had seen none so far.

Dewey cataloger staffing update
Susan and Jorge are working with Dewey no-OCLC books one day per week; Fern and Audrey work 3 days per week; Patsy works on Deduplication problems 2 days per week, and Randy has now switched from no-OCLC books to processing transfers to Special Collections one day per week.

Interim News
Hang reports they need trays for University of Miami materials and FSU has offered some shelf uprights. Tabby will be responsible for collections being transferred into Interim. UCF has about 200,000 items they would like to send. There are also materials from MSL, Music, AFA and Health Science waiting to be transferred.

Environmental, supplies, and/or equipment notes
Last Friday there was an outage reported by Melissa and others caused by a server located in ALF not working. It was reported through IT to Cox and they went to ALF and fixed it by about 10:30 am.

Round Robin for Dewey work

  • Delonda: Has been working to get 4 staff working with her on Deduplication now.
  • Hank: He is working on a problem title from the JSTOR pilot. He will also work on getting some serials transferred from Journalism to ALF to properly reflect their current location so they can be requested.
  • Randy: He was working on no-OCLC, especially foreign language books. Now he has begun transferring books from storage to Special Collections. He mentioned that some were coded 8 for “other” rather than 1 for Dewey, and Jimmie explained that some should be correctly coded 8 because they were actually NAL classification rather than Dewey. These were books formerly in Hume Agricultural Library. This work is storage cataloging work, but is distinct from the cataloging work generated as part of traying for FLARE.
  • Susan: She has been cataloging Turkish translations that were identified to be kept by a Turkish professor as well as German and AFA books.
  • Jorge: He has returned to working on no-OCLC recently. He will work to complete the multiple volume sets so they will be gone before the AUX books start to show up.
  • Hang: See comments above. He’s been very busy.
  • Patricia: Worked with no-barcode and helped to train Audrey. For now she will work on campus.
  • Fern: She was working on no-barcode, no-OCLC and multiple volume sets. She will also begin helping Patsy work on duplicates problems.
  • Terri: She has been withdrawing duplicates, but was out with a family emergency last week. She works on the problems put on her truck.
  • Hank: He will work on the Journalism serials. This work is storage cataloging work, but is distinct from the cataloging work generated as part of traying for FLARE.
  • Naomi: She is working to support the Journalism transfer problems and has a spreadsheet from Gerald.
  • Jimmie: She continues to coordinate staffing and revise problem original cataloging for Susan. She also worked with Richard Salzburg who obtained input from a professor on the Turkish books in ALF that should be kept or not and passed the list along to Susan and the other catalogers.

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