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Stodocs Project

Stodocs Team Meeting Notes

December 5, 2011

USDA Priorities and DPI Collaboration
Catalogers have almost completed the USDA publications awaiting cataloging. There will be additional work involved in revisiting those that were already cataloged and trayed as serials but require analytics. The DPI has materials from certain USDA agencies that will be brought to ALF, cataloged, digitized and returned to DPI. (An example of a DPI holding record can be seen attached to Aleph 004361772, and there is no item record attached to it. A unique note or TKR will probably be used to help in management of these.) Cathy mentioned that in the Eclipse storage facility we hope to have an IA resident digitization unit which would greatly facilitate management of the DPI documents while having them digitized.

ALFDocs to be pulled & shelved in StoDocs ranges
Approval has been given by the Dean to go ahead with the project to pull federal documents from Dewey areas of ALF and shelve them in the StoDocs area. They will be available to pull on request or as duplicates to documents being cataloged. The remainder of these (which have previously been cataloged in Dewey), will be processed as documents after the other StoDocs items are completed. Cathy and Hang will be talking about when this will begin and let us know.

StoGen Monographic bibliographic quality control pilot project
About 2400 books in ALF will be pulled as a random sample and bibliographic quality will be assessed using a specific workflow. When necessary those with problems will be referred to StoGen catalogers. It is not yet determined if they will need to be returned to Delonda on completion or passed directly for traying. Based on what is learned from this sample informed decisions will be made concerning QC for the rest of the materials to be trayed.

StoGen statistics macro reporting
Reminder that StoGen books were previously counted for the collection and should be counted as zero in the statistics macro.

New name for joint StoDocs and StoGen meetings
Out of the following suggestions: StoItAll, StoStuff, StoGeneration and StoCat, the majority of those present raised their hands in favor of StoCat. So, henceforth the name of these meetings will be StoCat. We will also change the name of the StoDocs email list to Team StoCat. Jan suggested it would be good to separate the meeting agenda so that those only there for the documents part would not have to be there for the entire meeting. So, the first half of future meetings will be dedicated to StoDocs, and the second half to StoGen. This meeting was not finished quite after 1 ½ hours. Future meetings will be 1 1/4 hours.


Please send any changes to your schedule.

Environmental, supplies, and/or equipment notes
Many small post-its are needed. Fern needed a barcode scanner holder, and Hang got one for her after the meeting. The bins for skinnies, fugitives, and now USDA COE documents are piling up and will need to be moved. There was some discussion about possibly putting notes or changing status on items going into these bins to facilitate retrieval. This has not been done so far and would be time-consuming.

Round Robins

  • Chelsea. She visited ALF a few weeks ago and worked on addressing 3 purple tucks of materials. She made a plan to clear one, to tray the senate …, and a decision on CFR’s.
  • Jan. She met with DPI and has been figuring out projects. The Congressional Hearings inventory will continue, but its cataloging will be on hold.
  • Mary and Carol. They have been working on Agriculture and problems.
  • Jackie. She has been doing Agriculture original cataloging and revising originals from Donna and Angie and setting up series. She hates the translation series.
  • Hank. He has been cataloging the serials on the truck. He will not be at ALF on Fridays until January, but will be there on Saturdays. Cathy asked how the extended hours for Saturday are working out and Hank said his Saturdays there are very productive.
  • Melissa. She is cataloging the WADD technical reports which often have good copy.
  • Angie. She has begun working on DOD technical manuals since the agriculture materials she could do are finished.
  • Donna. She also has begun working on DOD technical manuals. Tuesday update: “Angie, Athy and I are taking on the remaining items that were left in aisle 15a (the list that Hang brought in with more priority items). Ergo, we’ve dropped the DOD work for the time being and switched to doing the NASA and Y 3 documents. Afterwards, we’ll go to the Labor bulletin bound-togethers that were left on 15a and once that’s done we’ll pick up with DOD again.”
  • Cindy. She is working on Bureau An. Ind.; she pulled a truck of materials from the ASERL COE agencies to be digitized before traying.
  • Betsy. She set up the cab service and needs better information about the time to have people picked up. 6 came by cab today, Athy drove separately.
  • Beatriz. She has been getting lots of StoDocs duplicates to withdraw and it goes much better with the Aleph numbers included with the books. Someone asked if those should be going on a disposition list, and Jan said she will talk about that later. She has finished taking photographs of all the people except Clinton who work at ALF. Cathy asked her to give them to Hang to hang.
  • Susan. She is mostly cataloging the Atomic Energy publications on Mondays. She does originals for StoGen no-OCLC books on Wednesdays.
  • Hang. He has done a lot of Eclipse planning and other StoGen stuff. He said that the 15A range housing Labor bulleting and technical bulletins (L2.) needs to be cleared (Jackie said they would do that soon).
    Athy. She has been cataloging Atomic Energy publications. Betsy had emailed her to borrow a decal to allow her to park on campus today for the meeting, but she didn’t get the message in time.
  • Fern. She is working on barcode problem books now, which includes some shared cataloging if there is no OCLC number in the record with a barcode problem. She had been working on the no-OCLC, but switched recently because of the larger backlog of barcode problem books. Tuesday update: “For the Serial books Todd has been working on from the no-barcode shelves I labeled a purple truck (Serial for Cathy) I had been giving him the serials from the no-barcode shelf that I came across. So the serials I continue to find I will put them on the purple truck.”
  • Trish. She is also working on barcode problem books and helped Fern and Lila get started on them recently.
  • Lila. She is also working on barcode problem books.
  • Delonda. The is trying to stay ahead with dedupes, solving problems from Cathy, getting ready for JSTOR and special projects.
  • Terri. She has been working on problems. There are mis-shelved duplicates that she will meet with Cathy to resolve.
  • Todd. He has been working on no-barcode books. There are some serials among them and he has been doing some shared cataloging on those. Cathy said the serials are being purposely left on the shelves, so Todd should stop doing that. They should instead be put on a special purple truck of serials for Cathy.

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