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Stodocs Project

Stodocs Team Meeting Notes

December 20, 2010

Present: Jimmie, Hank, Angie, Hang, Delonda, Cathy, Chelsea, Jan, Carol, Mary, Fern, Betsy, Jorge

Absent: Terri, Jackie, Melissa, Jody, Cindy  


Heating update

The purchase order has been cut to WW Gay to provide electric heating for staff areas at ALF beginning soon after the Holiday break.

Order of cataloging

Reminder to prioritize cataloging (i.e., do first) the monographs and serials in the series list identified as priority analyze, and also those not in series at all. Those in series not on the list will be scrutinized later in the project when the priority ones are done.    

Equipment and Supplies

Enough barcodes and binders for now; StoDocs catalogers will pick up pens, pencils, etc. they need from the C&M supplies cabinet after the meeting.

Stats Macro

Latest edition: working fine, but a little slow. Thanks to Michael Jay, Jorge and Hank for working with this.

Placement of finished items

It is important to follow the instructions from Hang in placement of completed items. This enables efficient location of items requested by patrons.  

Round Robin

  • Hank: still working with Dept. of Agriculture serials. Since NAL is also doing a retrospective cataloging project he will focus on those with copy and go back later for those needing originals. This will allow us to take better advantage of their contributions, even though they do not provide SuDoc nos. and their records require upgrades.
  • Angie: has begun working on some reports that are going smoother now.
  • Delonda: is doing regular deduping work. She hired Megan who has already begun work and Katy who will start in January. As more staff are added there will be more desks and some shelves will be moved to allow space. (A new spot will be needed then for placement of completed skinny items). The cataloging problems she identifies for referral to Jackie have been of a manageable amount so far, but will increase with addition of new staff and thus will call for more time on the part of catalogers (maybe Jackie will want Jorge to help when this happens). Betsy asked Delonda if she is seeing many items without OCLC numbers; so far she is not. Betsy would like those to be referred to the cataloging problems shelf when they are encountered.
  • Hang: is doing everything that Cathy & Delonda don’t do, such as showing the heater planners around. There is a trailer 24’ x 36’ being planned to be used as Cathy’s office and as a break/lunch room. There is an outline in blue on the pavement where it will be. The door leading directly into the StoDocs cataloging area will soon be able to be opened by the keys they have now.
  • Cathy: has been busy with everything Delonda and Hang are involved in also, as well as the IA with Chelsea. She anticipates the need for separate Storage/C&M meetings as the pace quickens on non-StoDocs work and will send invitations.
  • Chelsea: (Happy Birthday!) said 500 skinnies have been sent to IA for scanning. She will pick up more in January. Items with at least 10 pages will be selected as they are more cost-effective. Others may be scanned in DLC.
  • Jan: nodded encouragingly. She brought fruit juice, fruit and delicious home made banana bread, thanks!
  • Mary & Carol: are continuing to help with SuDoc numbers.
  • Fern: is working on NASA contract reports now. Jan said these are cool. Fern looks forward to learning to do bound together ones soon.
  • Betsy: said she is celebrating over the loan statistics she was able to get not long ago. It is impressive to see the list of borrower institutions which includes Argonne National Library, the Kennedy Space Center, the Smithsonian, and other prestigious institutions.  She is considering adjusting the monthly title list so that it includes call numbers for titles that have 086 fields without first indicator 0.
  • Jorge: said he has begun working with a new set of monographs and has been helping the other StoDocs catalogers when he is at ALF.

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