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UF Libraries Statistics and Assessment Committee


Michele Crump & David Schwieder (Co-Chairs); Members: Amy Buhler (MSL), Steve Carrico (Acquisitions), Gus Clifton (IT), Mary Edwards (HSCL), Rachael Elrod (Departmental Libraries), Leilani Freund (LW), Brian Keith (Administrative Services), John Nemmers (SASC), Elizabeth Outler (LIC), Betsy Simpson (Cataloging), Grace Strawn (Fiscal Services), Margarita Vargas-Betancourt (SASC) and Ben Walker (Digital Services and Shared Collections).

Members will serve on a rotating basis and the membership will have one representative from each of the Libraries’ statistical collection units and the Legal Information Center.

General Responsibilities:

Statistics and Reports

Coordinate library-wide collection and reporting of statistics and data for organizations such as ARL, ACRL, ASERL, AAHSL, IPEDS, and academic department accreditation surveys. Ensure that proper formats are followed and that deadlines are met. Retain an archive of submitted data and materials.

In cooperation with the IT department, ensure that the data collection system accumulates the range and types of data useful in assessing trends and outcomes associated with library operations. In addition the system should archive and make accessible this library information in available agile reports.


Develop and promote assessment procedures to facilitate development of an evidence-based decision making model and a broader library culture of assessment at the UF Libraries. Diverse projects and initiatives will require varying assessment methods and tools; accordingly, the Committee will serve in a consulting capacity and will help individuals and groups to design studies and choose tools that best meet individual assessment needs. The Committee should assist in the awareness of the types of data collected and its availability to staff within the libraries. In order to address specific areas of interest identified within the Committee or via requests from outside members, the Committee may break into specific sub-groups or task forces, and invite non-committee members to serve on these bodies.

The committee is to stay abreast of best practices regarding the collection of data and use of metrics in assessing library performance and contributions to university objectives. This will be ongoing and may take a number of forms, but initially the committee should conduct a literature review and environmental scan, the findings of which should be shared with Joint Chairs.

Specific activities will include:

Role: The group reports through Joint Chairs and has advisory and operational responsibilities.


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