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Library Statistics Page (older)

Welcome......and thanks for assisting in this years statistics gathering.  On the chart below, you will find your name and an indicator for each form you need to complete.  Just read across the row(s) for your name, then click on the indicator to get each form.   NOTE: You should open the forms, then do a "save as" to save them on your PC (they will save as Excel files).  You will not be able to save them on the web.  Rather, you should complete the forms on your PC and then e-mail

Last Name First Name DEPARTMENT Form 1 Form 2 Form 3 Form 4 Form 5 Form 6 Form 7 Form 8
McAuliffe Carol Maps        
Keith Brian Human Resources              
Simpson Betsy H&SS Microforms


Cornwell Robena Music


Waters Jack Acquisitions



Walker Ben Access Serv-Lib West+ALF


    Access Serv-Periodicals


    Access Serv-Storage LAD


Foss Michelle ILL        

Haskins Pat Marston Science


Lindell Ann AFA


Ochoa Marilyn Education


Martyniak Cathy Preservation              

Oliver Barbara Business Office    

Losch Paul Latin America


Reakes Patrick Journalism


Seale Colleen H&SS Reference


Mary Wisneski Documents


Lupi Susan Spec Col-Archives




Other resources:

 Q: I tried to add rows or otherwise change the spreadsheet, but it wants a password.  What gives?

A: Certain fields on the sheets have been intentionally locked, please don't change the basic layout of the forms.  If you need to make a change for some important reason.  E-mail me to discuss.


Definitions of terms used

ARL Surveys page (so you can see one of the destinations for your data)

Instructions for ARL survey - this may provide insight on how to count certain categories. (requires Acrobat reader)  IGNORE the part about web input.  You will be completing the spreadsheets and returning them to me for compilation and input.

Q: I want to write notes on the sheet to explain some weirdness in my numbers.  How can I do this?

A: Notes and comments are welcome, but please don't put them on the sheets.  Just include them on your covering e-mail message. 



Q: Hey, it looks like there is less information being asked for than last year.  Why do I feel so disappointed?

A: There are slightly fewer data elements than last year.  Things are streamlined a bit, but all essential information will still be available when the results are collated.  Your disappointment will fade when you complete and return the forms early and receive your cookies.



Q: There are a lot of areas with ZERO in them for last year.  What does this mean?

A: It means either that you reported zero last year, or that you did not provide any information last year.  In most cases, you will not need to supply any number for this year.  The forms are designed for use by several different departments, so if your department doesn't have a statistic for many of the fields on the form -- you'll see some zeros and you won't need to provide that data.  




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