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Meeting Minutes: Convocation Planning Committee
10/20/2006 ◦ 2:00 PM ◦ Library West Training Room 419


Christine Driver; Jason Fleming; Sara Russell Gonzalez; Dan Reboussin; Jay Wiese; Adrian Zeck; Brian Keith (ex officio)

Select a committee chair

Jason Fleming was nominated by Jay Wiese as committee chair (seconded)
Jay Wiese was nominated by Jason Fleming as committee chair (seconded)

Committee selected both Jay Wiese and Jason Fleming as co-chairs

Select 3 two-year members

Adrian Zeck drew lots to determine three one-year members:
Adrian Zeck; Dan Reboussin; Jason Fleming

Remaining committee members (with the exception of Brian Keith) will serve a two-year term:
Christine Driver; Sara Russell Gonzalez; Jay Wiese

Brainstorm a list of possible dates for Convocation and select several to investigate

Possible dates to be determined at next meeting; Committee elected to study upcoming calendar for critical dates in the mean time.
Brainstorm a list of locations where we'd like to hold Convocation and select several to investigate

Top location choice for Convocation choice is Library East room 100, scheduled for renovation, which should be done by June. Reservation will be made in January.

Fallback is the Keene Faculty Center; Adrian will investigate Keene center's cancellation policy, dates available, and cost/deposit.

Other business

Next meeting:

Tentatively scheduled for Fri, Nov. 17 @ 2pm; later changed to Tuesday, Nov. 14 @ 1pm


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