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Meeting Minutes: Convocation Planning Committee
4/20/2007 ◦ 11:00 a. m. ◦ Library East Conference Room


Christine Driver; Jason Fleming; Sara Russell Gonzalez; Dan Reboussin; Jay Wiese; Adrian Zeck; Brian Keith (ex officio)


Chocolate fountain test results: lessons learned

Measure the oil (less is better)

Should use plastic tablecloth

Offer 2 flavors of chocolate: dark and white

Purchase 3 lbs. each white and dark

Chocolate flow will be uneven unless the fountains are level

Suggested items for dipping:


Convocation Jeopardy

Jay and Jason met with John Ingram, who supports the committee's Convocation Jeopardy proposal. John agreed to emcee for Convocation Jeopardy.

Committee will schedule a demonstration of the Jeopardy software.

Sara, Adrian and Dan will meet to establish a preliminary list of questions to be discussed at the next committee meeting.

Sara will talk to Academic Technology about setting up bells, buzzers, or clickers for Convocation Jeopardy contestants.


Greatest Hits

Greatest hits will be due July 1st. Committee agreed to send out an email asking for greatest hits on June 1st, with a reminder email the third week of June.



Coffee- Dan will look into getting coffee donated from Starbucks or Deja Brew


Room set-up

It was suggested that we set up chairs parallel to the long axis of the room so that audience and Jeopardy contestants can both see the screen. Room setup (chairs, stage, tables and screen) will be discussed in furter detail at the next committee meeting.

Next meeting:

Time & Date TBA (End of May) in Smathers 100

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