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Staff Development Committee

Meeting Minutes
March 21, 2006
Library East Conference Room, 2:00-3:00

Present:      Trudi DiTrolio, Brian Keith, Paul Whartenburg, Elaine Needelman, Vernon Kisling, Kathryn Kennedy

Discussion revolved around developing a Staff Development Needs Assessment in survey form. We will use Survey Monkey as the survey development/delivery/statistics tool.  Brian and Vernon brought up questions about whether or not we have to distinguish between managers and staff or if we can combine those into one survey, as they have similar needs for the most part.

Kathryn will develop questions for the survey in the following areas:
-Computer Skills
-Tenure Needs
-Workplace Issues
-Supervisory Skills
-Safety in the Workplace
-Personal Enrichment
-Customer Service

Kathryn will send the rough draft of questions around to the group for comments/suggestions by Friday, March 31.

Trudi will ask Tom Minton how many results are accepted per month in Survey Monkey. 

Brian will ask his HR listserv about examples of needs assessments being done by other institutions/organizations.  He will then send those to Kathryn as they come available.

Paul suggested we make the return time for surveys a one-week limit.  

Elaine and Paul suggested doing a search for “needs assessment” in LibLit database to get ideas for our survey.

Kathryn will ask UF’s Training and Development what needs assessment questions they ask. 

The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, April 4, 2pm-3pm, in the Library East Conference Room.  Agenda TBA by Trudi. 

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