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Staff Development Committee

Meeting Minutes
April 4, 2006
Library East Conference Room, 2:00-3:00

Present: Trudi DiTrolio, Brian Keith, Vernon Kisling, Kathryn Kennedy

Discussion began about the Staff Development Needs Assessment survey and concerned the following ideas: whether or not we should have a separate survey for management, what the survey questions should be, when we want to get the survey out by, etc.

It was decided that the survey will be all inclusive – staff and management needs will be addressed in one survey. 

We are going to try to get the survey out by the end of April.  Kathryn will take care of sending the survey to the IRB for approval.

One of the main concerns is that we want to stay skill-based in the questions we ask in the survey, so Brian and Kathryn are going to meet to look over the survey to see what needs to be tweaked in regard to that. They will also be adding some management-based questions to the survey. They will send it out to the rest of the committee as soon as they are finished. 

Brian suggested a shift to all-staff training, meaning that we don’t segregate between staff and tenure-track/tenured librarians.  We agreed, except for the specific items that can only be addressable to tenure-track/tenured librarians. 

For the surveys, it was decided that we separate customer service and communication to curb confusion.  It was also decided to eliminate the following questions: 2, 12, 18, 19, 20, 33, 35.  More may be eliminated when Brian and Kathryn meet to tweak the remainder of the survey.  They are scheduled to meet on Friday, 4pm, in MSL 107 if anyone would like to participate in tweaking the rest of the survey.  If not, they will be sending it around as soon as they are finished.

The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, April 18, 2pm-3pm, in the Library East Conference Room.  Agenda TBA by Trudi. 

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