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Staff Development Committee

Meeting Minutes
August 15, 2006
Library East Conference Room, 2:00-3:00

Present: Trudi DiTrolio, Brian Keith, Michelle Foss, Chelsea Dinsmore,  Marina Salcedo

I.  Training Courses Website Discussion

Committee reviewed the Stony Brook University training description webpage presented by Marina ( The committee considered this a good model for the Libraries’ training and development courses. The committee discussed whether the list of offerings should be by subject, where a link goes to the sessions, or in the form of sessions in a chronological order. It was agreed to provide the above link to Systems to consider how this site interfaces with the database of courses.  In other words, how creating a course or training sessions in the database that (under development) would populate the webpage.

II. Training Feedback Forms Discussion

The committee reviewed the MLA feedback form submitted by Michelle. The committee discussed the purpose of using such a form and determined it would be used to improve course content and to provide instructor feedback to improve the quality of their presentations. The forms will be reviewed by Trudi as they are turned in and by the committee at regular intervals. The forms would be used for sessions that fall into these categories:

Informational sessions will not use the form, but will track attendance via a sign in sheet.

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