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Staff Development Committee

Meeting Minutes
February 6, 2007
Library East Conference Room, 2:00-3:00

Present:      Trudi DiTrolio, Brian Keith, Vernon Kisling, Michelle Foss, Amy Polk, Angela Mott, and Kathryn Kennedy

Trudi started the meeting by asking if anyone had suggestions for the Workshop Database.

Workshop Database

The loading of data from HR only happens every so often, so it was suggested that there be some phrase letting people know when the last update occurred.  Also, the database is more likely to have information about what workshops you have completed instead of what you are enrolled in. Trudi will ask Systems about imputing the phrase.

It was suggested that when initial page is brought up that the page should say “To register for courses, please login.” Trudi said that Systems is working on a webpage for the database where that phrase could appear.

It was suggested that System Liaisons and Info Point training sessions will only be recorded in the system as having been taken rather than having people sign up for the sessions.  It was also mentioned that maybe in the course description, it could say that only “SUCH” people should sign up/attend. 

It was suggested that in the course descriptions that an extra sentence saying that if attendees/potential attendees have additional questions for the instructor to contact him or her.

Classes like “Tuesdays with Tom” will not have attendee list but will appear in the instructor’s list of classes taught. 

Reports will be printed out by HR and will be sent out to supervisors in order to meet staff and faculty evaluation deadlines.  Brian will send memo out at that time to give directions to supervisors.


The next topic of discussion was curriculum.  Trudi mentioned that we are doing customer service, emotional intelligence, project management, writing class, budgeting and saving, safety and security, RAD, personal/place-specific safety, retirement training, benefits training, and fire prevention.  There was also discussion about whether or not to continue the supervisory challenge courses since there was a lack of attendance.  Stress management will be taught possibly by EAP. 


The next topic of discussion was about where the committee would like to go from here.  We are going to look for ideas through a Town Meeting,  or through a survey to other academic library HR programs, or through Competency Development needs for training. 

Our meetings will be the 1st Tuesday of every month from 2pm-3pm.  Location TBA.

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