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Electronic Resources Management Committee

Minutes for meeting on November 29, 2006, 2 p.m.



Not present:



Those present introduced themselves to the group.


Committee charge & discussion. (Michele)

Michele presented an overview of the charge:The Electronic Resources Management Committee was formed to facilitate library-wide communication of issues relating to electronic resources.

Committee read and discussed the charge and issues for discussion as currently written:

Committee Charge

The Electronic Resources Management Committee oversees the process of selecting, acquiring and making accessible electronic resources within the University of Florida Libraries.  The committee will promote library-wide communication concerning the management of electronic resources by establishing effective workflows for selection, license approval, budget and format control, usage reports, bibliographic processing, and end-user interface.  The committee will serve as a key source for evaluating new technology and recommending initiatives that improve patron access to electronic resources.  Monthly meetings may include invited speakers or vendors demonstrating new products that will enrich the electronic resources collections. 

Issues for discussion

  1. Establish archival plan for electronic resources.
  2. Communicate trial and purchased titles library-wide.
  3. Communicate FCLA electronic resources purchases obtained for SUL. 
  4. Plan for Verde implementation and training of the University of Florida Library System.
  5. Develop workflow and means for managing UF Libraries shared purchases.
  6. Develop Website for reporting current usage statistics.
  7. Monitor current budgetary allocations and expenditures for electronic resources.
  8. Establish archiving program workflow that secures access to purchased electronic resources.

Pam suggested that the charge be amended to reflect the ERM committee's relationship to statewide electronic resources issues.

Haiyun suggested that the charge be amended to include issues relating to digitized library resources.

Michele agreed to amend the charge accordingly.


Mapping of Licensing Terms pre-conference (Doug & Michele)

Doug and Michele attended the MAPPING LICENSE LANGUAGE FOR ELECTRONIC RESOURCE MANAGEMENT pre-conference on Nov. 8, 2006 as part of the 2006 Charleston Conference [].

The pre-conference was presented by Diane Grover, University of Washington and Trisha Davis, Ohio State University; and was co-sponsored by ARL.

The topic of the pre-conference was an ARL effort to standardize the mapping of licence agreement terms for the purposes of streamlining the entry of terms into electronic resource management systems. This effort is part of the DLF Electronic Resource Management Initiative, Phase II (ERMI):

Doug passed around a list of terms from this initiative.

[A similar list from a 2005 ALA workshop can be found here:]

Doug agreed to distribute this list to committee members once it becomes available.


New E-Resources Unit in Acquisitions & Licensing Department (Doug & Steve)

The following changes to the structure of Acquisitions and Licensing will soon be taking place:

A new Electronic Resources unit will be formed within Acquisitions and Licensing.

For the time being, this unit will consist of Doug Kiker (Unit Head), Jay Wiese (Archivist), and Jessica York (LTA). The new unit will handle all electronic resources, including serials, monographs and databases.

Raimonda Margjoni will head the Serials Unit, which will order, process and copy catalog serials and other items like microfiche.

Books, DVDs, & most CDs will be ordered/processed by the Monographs Unit.

David Allerton will remain in charge of gift print monographs.

Cross-training and workflow audits within the current Serials and Monographs units will begin in the near future.


Verde implementation update (Rich & Doug)

FLCA, UF, FIU, UCF and USF are currently working with Aleph, SFX, and MetaLib vendor Ex Libris to implement Verde, the Electronic Resource Management System that we will be adopting.

Verde should allow selectors, collection mangers, administration, and acquisitions staff to track ordering, licensing, maintenance issues and usage statistics for electronic resources.

Currently, Verde will not share data with Aleph, MetaLib, or SFX. However, Ex Libris assures us that Verde will share data with the next version of Aleph (v.18). Hopefully, we will resolve this issue before implementations so that we will not have to re-enter and maintain e-resource data from SFX and MetaLib separately in Verde.

Ex Libris will host web-based training session for Verde users on December 4, 2006.

New databases, e-resources, and E-Books (Peter, Doug & Steve)

Smathers will be acquiring new electronic resources including:


Update on electronic archives initiatives (Cathy)

LOCKSS ( and Portico ( are both non-profit initiatives to preserve access to electronic resources for which libraries have ownership rights.

A chief difference between the two is that Portico hosts archive files on their servers, while LOCKSS would require that we provide our own servers and staff.

UF will be using Portico.

Coordinating e-journal and database usage statistics (all)

Jay briefly reported on a project to capture usage statistics for electronic resources.

The project involves three phases:

  1. Collecting access information from all e-resource platforms to which Smathers has access (excluding consortial e-resources); currently about 70 of these.
  2. Gathering usage statistics from each of these vendors into a single database
  3. Posting a report of these usage statistics for use by collection mangers on our web site.

Jay is almost through with phase 1.

Peter suggested that a report format similar to the one used by FCLA would be the most useful; the FCLA usage statistics report includes resource costs.

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