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Electronic Resources Management Committee

Minutes for meeting on January 10, 2007, 2 p.m.



Not present:


Update on any electronic archiving initiatives / committee efforts (Cathy)

LOCKSS vs. Portico

LOCKSS ( and Portico ( are both non-profit initiatives to preserve access to electronic resources for which libraries have ownership rights.

A chief difference between the two is that Portico hosts archive files on their servers, while LOCKSS (open source) would require that we provide our own servers and staff. In addition, access to archived materials in Portico could take several weeks while acess to LOCKSS would be almost instantaneous.

A statewide group chose Portico for implementation, but UF is not prevented from considering implementing LOCKSS on our own.

Electronic monographs archives

Cathy has discovered that although many of our licensing agreements for electronic mongraphs provide archival copies of materials, delivery of these materials has been inconsistent. As a consequence, many of these archival materials have not arrived in the Preservation department. Cathy has requested that ERM members keep an eye out for stray CD-ROMs and other archival materials.


Update on usage statistics gathering project / effort (Jay)

Jay briefly reported on a project to capture usage statistics for electronic resources.

The project involves three phases:

  1. Collecting access information from all e-resource platforms to which Smathers has access (excluding consortial e-resources); currently about 70 of these.
  2. Gathering usage statistics from each of these vendors, and normalizing the data into a single database.
  3. Posting a report of these usage statistics for use by collection mangers on our web site.

Jay has completed phase one and is currently gathering and normalizing the data. Jay is encountering difficulties associated with Inconsistencies from vendor to vendor in the data, data formats, and delivery methods.


Update (and discussion) on FCLA scheduling for Aleph 15.5 - 18.0 upgrade (Rich)

Rich anticipates that the upgrade to Aleph version 18 will begin at the end of July 2007. In order to help staff prepare for the transition, training will begin in the near future.

In addition to impacting current workflows, the upgrade will probably make it necessary to rewrite most of the existing macros. However, the impact of this upgrade should not be nearly as large as the impact caused by the move from NOTIS to Aleph. In addition, the upgrade will introduce several improvements that should make Aleph much easier to use.


Discussion - E-Resource ordering and acquisition - coordinating ACQ/CM/HSCL/MSL/SUL (Doug)

The committee agreed that improving the online order forms as well as implementing an ordering process tracking system would improve coordination between the various sections who are involved with ordering and acquiring electronic resources.

The ERMS Verde is expected to greatly improve ordering workflow efficiency and transparency when it is implemented this summer.

In the mean time, selectors will be able to use improved order forms currently in development. The new order forms will include data fields more specific to the selector's needs, and will send a receipt copy to the submitter.


Announcement / Discussion - new E-Resources Unit in Acquisitions (Steve and Doug)

A new Electronic Resources unit will be formed within Acquisitions and Licensing.

For the time being, this unit will consist of Doug Kiker (Unit Head), Jay Wiese (Archivist), and Jessica York (LTA). The new unit will handle all electronic resources, including e-books, e-journals, and databases.

Raimonda Margjoni will head the Serials Unit, which will consist of Travis Schnaben, Christy Shorey, Angela Stewart, and Sonia Tergas.

Books, DVDs, & most CDs will be ordered/processed by the Monographs Unit. Paul Lightcap will be the interim head of the Monographs unit beginning in mid-January.

The Electronic Resources Unit web site was posted last week:


Announcement / Discussion - new Acquisitions & Licensing unit headed by Jason Fleming (Michele)

Jason Fleming will head a new Technology Support unit. For the time being, the unit will consist of Jason and Michael Jay. A third position might be added to the unit in the near future.

Among the responsibilities of the new unit will be to work with FCLA to compose our own ARROW-style reports.


Next Meeting

The next Electronic Resources Management Committee meeting will be held at the end of February.

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