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Electronic Resources Management Committee

Minutes for meeting on February 28, 2007, 2 p.m. Library East conf. rm.



Not present:

1) SUL Committees (Michele & Cecilia)

Michele & Cecilia reported on the structure and duties of the Electronic Resources subcommittee and the Collections Planning Committee (CPC):

Collections Planning Committee (CPC)

The CPC, composed of 20 representatives from each of the State University Libraries, makes consortial purchasing decisions/recommendations for the SUL as a whole. The CPC meets face-to-face as well as via conference calls, and communicates through a committee listserv.

Minutes and membership lists for the CPC can be accessed here:

Electronic Resources Subcommittee (ERS)

ERS membership is comprised of a representative from each state university institution, one additional representative for each law and medical library, and an ex-officio member from the Florida Center for Library Automation (FCLA). The ERS membership nominates a chair and vice-chair for respective terms of two years.

There are five standing working groups (Business, Education, Humanities, Science/Health Science, Social Sciences) that report to the ERS to provide subject expertise for new acquisitions, renewals, and cancellations.


The ERS submits quarterly reports to the CPC on ERS recommendations and activities.  During and after the renewal process, the ERS submits an additional report to the CPC on resource recommendations and an itemized account of expenditures for the current fiscal year. 

The work of the SUL Electronic Resources Subcommittee is accomplished primarily through email and monthly telephone conference calls.  An annual in-person meeting is held to facilitate the renewal, deselection, and selection process.  Specific vendors are invited to present information at this meeting to inform the ERS membership of current and future e-resource developments.

(From "SUS ERS Development Policies and Procedures", accessed 3/7/07)

Electronic Resources subcommittee minutes, membership lists, reports, and other information related to electronic resources and subcommittee activities may be accessed here:

2) Tracking Electronic Resources & Cost Sharing between libraries (All)

Doug reported on progress with the new Blackwell/Synergy electronic journals order. There were essentially two issues:

  1. Split invoicing: HSCL titles will now be invoiced through Harrassowitz, while Smathers and Law titles will be invoiced through EBSCO
  2. Duplicate titles: The libraries have chosen to substitute new titles for the duplicates on the original list.

The Committee also discussed improving inter-library communications; Suggested improvements included:

3) Verde update/License Database (Doug, Jay & Steve)

Electronic Resources Unit staff are currently undergoing Verde training using the self-paced tutorial packet provided by ExLibris.

Doug & Jay will give a preview of Verde at the next ERM committee meeting.

4) Announcements (All)

Archiving update; Gale Virtual Reference titles (Cathy and Jay)

Per our licensing agreement, Thomson Gale recently sent 2 CD-ROM's containing archival copies of 7 titles from the Gale Virtual Reference Library. The data appears to be complete, but the format is virtually unreadable. Jay will look into getting instructions for reading these files from Thomson Gale.

Portico update (Cathy)

For the time being, each institution in the SUL will decide individually whether or not to participate in the Portico electronic archiving initiative. Participation may become SUL-wide at a later date.

Portico ( is an initiative to preserve scholarly literature published in electronic form. Cathy reports that Portico includes only electronic journals at this point.

License database

Jack Waters has completed a Microsoft Access database to track license agreements and payments for electronic resources until the transition to Verde is completed. This database can be accessed here: \\Smathersnt2r\Departments\PayingUnit\eRes_Tracking\ertracker.mdb

Jack will give a demonstration of the database some time in March.

Next Meeting

The next Electronic Resources Management Committee meeting will be held at the end of February.

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