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Awarded Mini Grant Projects Fall 2010:

Primary Documents Video Tutorials, PI: Shelley Arlen, Co-PI: Cindy Craig, Project team: Missy Clapp, Cataloging Staff TBD, Bill Hanssen, $5,000

A New Internship: Focus on One Collection, PI: Barbara Hood, Project team: Bess de Farber, Sam Huang, Rebecca Jefferson, $4,344

Price Library of Judaica Anniversary Collection: a pilot project to digitize a unique set of Jewish newspapers, PI: Rebecca Jefferson, Project Team: John Freund, Gus Clifton, Jane Pen, Nelda Schwartz, Matt Mariner, Randall Renner, Lourdes Santamaria-Wheeler, Laurie Taylor, $2,390

Analyzing Librarian-Mediated Literature Searches in the Health Sciences, PI: Jennifer Lyon, Project team: Hannah Norton, Nita Ferree, Michele Tennant, $1,688

Virtual Libraries Tour, PI: Chris McHale, Project team: Dina Benson, Missy Clapp, Matthew Daley, Margeaux Johnson, Stacey Ewing, $4,916

Florida Architecture and Design Survey, PI: John Nemmers, Project team: Archives Curator, $4,480

SMARTBoard Instruction Program, PI: Marilyn Ochoa, Co-PI: Ben Walker, Project team: Aimee Barrett, April Hines, Roberts, Will Chaney, $4,876

Revealing Florida's Arab Immigrants: An Oral History Collection, PI: Richard Saltzburg, Project team: Randall Renner, Lourdes Santamaria-Wheeler, Dr. Esameddin AlHadi, $2,403


*Committee Charge:

In conjunction with Libraries leadership, the Grants Management Committee:

  • Facilitates a positive and open culture that encourages and supports grantsmanship within the Libraries;
  • Defines the components for a successful grants and contracts program;
  • Defines the steps in the grant process, focusing on establishing clear and easy lines of communication and maintaining a straightforward process for grant preparation and proposal review;
  • Establishes a procedure for periodic review of grants that allows the Grants Management Committee to remain informed of progress on projects.


For additional help please contact any one of the following members:


Bess de Farber, Grants Manager, 273-2519


Current Committee Members:


Public Services (Chair)   
Cross Divisional
Tech Services
Public Services
Collection Management
Tech Services
Business Services
Tech Services
Sam Huang Admin      273-2514





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