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Institutional Repository: Implementation Group phase [Active from August of 2005 to May 2006]

Responsibility: Building on the work of the Institutional Repository Task Force, this group is charged with beginning the implementation of the UF repository during the 2005/2006 academic year. This proof-of-concept project will be limited to collecting in the areas of Agricultural and Life Sciences and the University Administrative units. Members of the Implementation Group will need to work with existing staff and equipment for this project since the additional resources identified in the original task force report are not available at this time.

Membership: Stephanie Haas (Co-Chair), Suzy Covey, Winston Harris, Vernon Kisling, Cathy Martyniak (Co-Chair), Carl Van Ness, and Priscilla Williams. Cecilia Botero (HSC) and Rick Donnelly (LIC) also participate.

Charge: The goals for this phase of the project includes:

  1. Identify and prioritize University and IFAS documents to be collected in the Greenstone-based UF Digital Commons (IMPACT was selected from IFAS and Annual Financial Report was selected from the Archives for initial testing. Further rankings for IFAS documents were provided by Vernon in December. )
  2. Identify and test technical procedure for ingest of text and image documents.
  3. Test and refine Repository Permission Agreement based on feedback from UF Legal Counsel.
  4. Test and refine metadata scheme identified for IR submissions, including selection of appropriate Greenstone   Project code.
  5. Test and implement plan for deposit of repository documents in the Florida Digital Archive.
  6. Test and implement plan for interface of the DLC tracking database with the Aleph catalog for appropriate documents submitted in the repository
  7. NEW: Recommend policies for the UF Institutional Repository that define the content and formats accepted. (Due by Feb. 28th) Please see UF IR Statement

Reports: Monthly status reports to Technology Services Steering Committee. Final report with recommendations for expanded continuation of the UF Institutional Repository due April 7, 2006.

Documents: Specifications (1st draft) , Specifications (2nd draft) , Specifications (version from January 13th), 4 possible Aleph workflows , Searching Programming Phases , FINAL REPORT

Meetings: majority of 2nd Fridays, in LE Conference Room, from 10:00 to 11:30

Administrative response to FINAL REPORT: posted July 12th, 2006


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