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Metalib Pilot Implementation Group

Committee Charge

Charge: Implement Metalib during spring semester, 2006 for the UF Libraries. The group will categorize databases and other digital resources for metasearching, test and evaluate the effectiveness of the tool with selected user groups, refine and adjust the implementation based on feedback and plan for public launch as DataBase Locator replacement in Fall 2006.


  1. To define database categories in Metalib with the aim of replacing the DataBase Locator by Fall 2006.
  2. To softly launch Metalib Spring 2006 semester, collecting organized feedback from focused user groups: undergraduates, select focus groups of graduate students in Law and Health colleges, other select focus groups.
  3. Refine Metalib portal as needed based on feedback during Summer 2006.
  4. Plan for public launch of Metalib and integration with UF Libraries’ web sites, the UF Digital Collections, and Aleph OPAC catalog Fall 2006.
  5. Coordinate Metalib training component with Library Instruction programs.
  6. Represent UF Metalib development and concerns in coordination with other CSUL Metalib initiatives and FCLA.
  7. Lead library-wide discussions and communications on Metalib implementation.

Report on Spring Pilot Due:
April 29, 2006

Reporting to the Director for Technology Services with feedback from Library Council, Health Sciences Center Library and Legal Information Center. With this report on the pilot project and subsequent staff training, the UF Metalib portal will go live and public Fall 2006.


Minutes and draft agendas should be posted on the implementation group web site.


Minutes, Agendas, and Reports


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