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Employee Recognition Committee

Nominate a team, group or individual for their accomplishment, major milestone or excellence toward organizational goals

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Library Objectives

  • To promote good will and improve morale among staff.
  • To develop appropriate, timely and satisfying ways to recognize individual and departmental achievement throughout the library system for length of service, excellent performance, creativity, and working relationships.

Committee Charge

  • Establish an ongoing and responsive staff recognition program that is effective and meaningful to Smathers employees and creates direct correlation between the Libraries values and goals and what it recognizes and rewards
  • On an ongoing basis, collect and solicit from individuals and departments throughout the Libraries individual and departmental achievements and milestones
  • Coordinate the staff recognition opportunities available through the work of the Holiday Party Planning Committee, the Convocation Planning Committee, the Staff Picnic Planning Committee
  • Utilize the opportunities provided for staff recognition through other library programs, including Public Information and Staff Development
  • Ensure the committee membership reflects library wide participation
  • Seek alternative means of funding recognition programs and awards, including budgeting for longevity of the program, such as an endowment

Alan Asher

Joe Aufmuth

Jeremiah Carlson

Cindy Craig

James Cusick, Chair

Todd Digby

Susan Harnett

Barbara Hood

Tabatha Pursley

Raimonda Marjioni

Danielle Sessions

Angelibel Soto

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