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Employee Recognition Committee Meeting

January 4, 2007


Library East Conference Room


Members present: Dina Benson, Brian Keith, Peter Mckay, Betsy Simpson

Event photos

Brian asked about the posting of event photos.  Betsy explained that currently they are linked from the Staff Web - click More under the Staff column to access Staff Events.  When Betsy spoke with Tom Minton previously about this, he said he'd be happy to collaborate with others on a different setup.  The committee brainstormed about how to disseminate the photos from official events as well as other types of gatherings (e.g., baby shower) and decided the HR site is a logical place to display them.  Brian will talk with Barbara and Tom within the next few weeks and report back to the committee.

ERC Web site

Betsy reported that Kristy Mills is revamping the ERC Web site, hopefully by the town meeting.  When she has the new look ready for review, Betsy will notify the committee.

Town Meeting

The committee continued to plan for the January 25 Town Meeting.

A few more questions were added to the list of talking points:

Referring to the focus group guidelines shared at the last meeting, Peter suggested the committee focus on 5 or so questions to put before the town meeting.  He'll compile the complete list and send an e-mail to the committee for input on which are the top questions.  The committee will encourage attendees to share ideas and thoughts after the town meeting by e-mail, in person, etc.

The basic outline as described in the 12/18/06 minutes was confirmed with one change.  Brian requested that the presentation not end with an overview of the restrictions.  To address this, Betsy will discuss the Discretionary Recognition Fund at the end of the Committee overview section, allow Brian to interject mid-stream to give a brief snapshot of the restrictions, then Betsy will finish with a comment about the DRF Web form and segway into the discussion session.

The committee deferred to Peter regarding the need for a handout or some other visual display of the questions.  Peter opted not to have one.  However, there will be a handout with the DRF guidelines.

Brian suggested having a sign-up sheet in order to follow-up with attendees.

Betsy will draft a PowerPoint presentation for committee review.  Brian will add an additional slide(s) related to the restrictions.

The committee concluded that it is not necessary to hold the next meeting scheduled for January 11.  The balance of planning should be able to be accomplished via e-mail.  Betsy will send a cancellation.

Future meetings  

The committee agreed to meet monthly beginning in February instead of biweekly.


Recorder: Betsy Simpson

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