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Employee Recognition Committee Meeting

January 10, 2008


Library East Conference Room



Attendees: Debra Fetzer, Barbara Hood, Peter McKay, Barbara Gundersen, Betsy Simpson

Recognition Fund

The committee reviewed a submission.  For reference, Betsy provided a report with a list of all the submissions to date and the following summary of decisions made by the committee (updated for the minutes):

FY07 (Feb- )

Total submitted: 8

Funded: 5

Not Funded: 2

Withdrawn: 1

FY08 ( -mid-Jan)

Total submitted: 6

Funded: 3

Not Funded: 1

No Funding Requested: 1

Under Review: 1


Committee members agreed to poll their areas for award winners to add to the Awards page.

The committee decided to form a sub-group of ERC to finalize the Smathers awards.  This involves creating a draft submission form and developing a more uniform look for the description and criteria to share with ERC at its next meeting on February 14.  Barbara H. volunteered, and we unanimously drafted Laurie, who has done extensive research on employee recognition at other institutions.  More volunteers are welcome.  Betsy will talk with Grace about the committee's desire to have monetary awards.


Betsy shared a suggestion she received for ERC to conduct a follow-up survey to the 2004 survey sent by the Staff Recognition and Awards Committee.  The committee did not believe a survey is needed at this time.  When the committee was formed in August 2006, the members carefully reviewed the results of the 2004 survey and began the process of implementing many of its recommendations.  In addition, in February 2007 the ERC Town Meeting was held to update the library and solicit more input.


Recorder: Betsy Simpson

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