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Employee Recognition Committee Meeting

March 5, 2007


Library East Conference Room


Present: Laurie Brennan, Dina Benson, Brett Diaz, Barbara Hood, Brian Keith, Betsy Simpson

Spring Picnic

Barbara notified the committee that the spring picnic is scheduled for Friday, April 13. It was not possible to hold it during the Alachua County spring break (April 2-6) or on March 23, an upcoming teacher workday.



Brian will contact the Convocation Committee about changing the date from Wednesday, May 9 to the end of the summer term so we have one major event each term. 

Discretionary Recognition Fund proposals

The committee developed a systematic method for evaluating ERC fund requests.

  1. Does it meet the guidelines as defined?
  2. Does the proposed use of funds follow the regulations?
  3. Are the fund amounts reasonable?


Two proposals were discussed and approved.  Betsy will notify the recipients on behalf of the committee.

Betsy will contact Business Services to inquire if it is allowable to purchase flowers and balloons, items which were mentioned in the proposals.

The committee discussed the use of certificates of appreciation to recognize employees.  When appropriate, DRF recipients will be directed to Bill Hanssen in Facilities to place orders.  A suggestion was made to ask John Ingram to sing the certificate.

It was suggested that a link be added to the DRF site re. decoration tips for recognition events (e.g., the place where they can borrow plants to use as decorations).

In order to promote DRF events, the committee will ask event sponsors to invite Barbara Hood to take photos and post on the Web.


Employee News Space

The committee discussed options for an employee news space - the library bulletin board, a listserv, a blog - and decided to use a listserv.  Dina volunteered to serve as the list moderator.  Guidelines, such as checking with staff before posting personal messages about them, will be established.  If possible, the posts will be archived in an Outlook Public Folder. 



Prompted by comments at the Town Meeting, the committee is interested in developing local library awards, such as a Pioneer Award for ground breaking type works.  Brian suggested asking committees and departments to come up with meaningful, standardized award type(s) for their areas because they know what's suitable.  For instance, the Library Instruction Committee could develop an award for teachers and choose the recipient(s).

National Library Workers Day, April 17th

Should we do anything?  It is four days after the picnic.  The committee decided to ask John Ingram if he would take a cake to each branch.  If not possible, then we'll ask the assistant/associate directors.  If still not possible, then we'll have a large cake at the spring picnic.    

Recorder: Brett Diaz

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