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Employee Recognition Committee Meeting

May 7, 2007


Library East Conference Room


Present: Dina Benson, Laurie Brennan, Brett Diaz, Brian Keith, Peter McKay, Lourdes Santamaria, Betsy Simpson, Barbara Hood


General updates

Watercooler now has 42 subscribers. No one has used it yet, other than testing. Archives are stored in Public Folders.


The Journal Club event happened. 

The Acquisitions and Licensing event is May 16th.


There have been no further requests for DRF monies. Committee discussed ways to remind staff about DRF.

Betsy requested Directors to fund DRF again next year.


The Holiday Party Committee gave their planning/transaction notebook to the ERC for future reference.



Committee discussed:


Committee members were assigned the task of reviewing types of awards and award structures for other UF units as well as review info gathered last year.



Recorder: Laurie Brennan

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